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Top Positions - In the Multi Billion Dollar Text Messaging (SMS)Industry - SMSisFREE.Com is About to Launch its New Free to Send SMS Website
SMSisFREE will offer free text message sending from our portal where we expect to capture a 10% market share in the first year and subsequently forecast for a 30% market share in 2005.

Since lycos in the UK ( has terminated the free to send sms structure, we will be filling a GAP that has come to into existence, to please millions of abandoned Free SMS users.

SMSisFREE.Com will, at the same time show creativeness from our side with an amazing and innovative business model that is very unique, and it will be embraced by these millions of abandoned free sms customers.

We are offering for a limited time, positions in the top levels of the 10 level forced commission structure.

These positions will be on top of possibly millions of members in 2004 alone and growing each month. A $.25 US commission is paid to this 10 level structure on each premium paid SMS termination fee accepted by the recipient of these text messages.

These top $50.00 positions offered could see substantial monthly commissions paid to their accounts each month as the site grows.

See the complete business plan and invest in one of these top level positions here:

This is a MacJos Enterprises venture co-owned by Jos Janssen And Greg McKean. MacJos owns other successfull websites such as:, https://MacLeaders.Com,,,, and

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