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1. Introduction
1.1. The following Terms and Conditions determine the rules and conditions of use of the website

2. General principles
2.1. Creating and using a System Account is voluntary and free.
2.2. In case of breach of the Terms of Service, actions to the detriment of the site, the Administrator may deduct the points earned by the user and even delete his account.
2.3. The user is not the owner of the account established on the site and can not claim any rights.
2.4.You can only have one account on your system. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts with the same person / on the same computer.
2.5. Each user's surf can only be run in one window.
2.6. It is forbidden to generate artificial traffic with bots, scripts, vps, multiple refreshes. It is permissible to promote PTP links on other sites, etc.
2.7. The service reserves the right to distribute advertising messages and information to users.
2.8. Administration is not responsible for computer viruses, users surf on their own responsibility.

3. Add pages
3.1. The number of pages you can add is not limited.
3.2. Some pages may be deleted by the Administrator WITHOUT WARNING:
- Advertisements for websites may not contain pornographic, adult or graphic content, erotic material or links to such subject matter.
- Pages with links to computer piracy, including viruses, Trojans are prohibited.
- Sites to trade in software (warez) are prohibited.
- Pages rotating redirects.
- Contains pop-up system messages, POP-UP ads.
- Swords containing a music player and other sounds are not accepted.
- Abusive IFRAME.
- Unlawful websites are prohibited.
- Sites can not promote any kind of hate (ie racial, political, ethnic, religious, sexual, sexual or personal, etc.).
- Advertising Banks can not promote any kind of illegal business, accessory or activity with illegal, false or deceptive investment advice and money-making opportunities.
- Unfinished pages, under construction, incomplete or not very little original content (advertising banners etc) are prohibited.

4. Payments

5. Privacy Policy
5.1. All data provided by the User is stored in the system and is not shared with third parties.
5.2. You may wish to remove your Account from the System.

6. Technical issues
6.1. Administration is not responsible for technical interruptions resulting from third party faults and hosting providers.
6.2. The administration has the right to temporarily disable the site for technical reasons, but is not responsible for any possible downgrade.

7. Final provisions
7.1. The administration reserves the right to modify the rules of procedure.
7.2. By signing up with the site you accept all the terms and conditions of its rules.