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The Incredible Apple iPod - The Worldís Most Innovative MP3 Player
by: Jacco Noordhuizen
One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is the iPod, made by apple. An iPod is a small portable, walkman-like mp3 player with a hard disk inside. Hard disk sizes vary but come up to 60 gigabyte. A 60 GB hard disk easily fits thousands of high quality full music albums. Image having all your music at hand, no matter where you go!

Now letís take a 60GB iPod photo, which has a lovely colour screen. It also allows you to store thousands of photos. Itís easy to use interface allows you to browse through your pictures at an impressive speed. You can connect the iPod photo to your television and use the slideshow. .Imagine what itís like to always have say a months worth of non-stop music playing in your back pocket. Being able to play this music on your home or car stereo .Or through your headphones in the train or on your bicycle.

If you like an mp3 player at the size of a packet of chewing gum, the iPod Shuffle is the answer. At the moment they come in 512 MB or 1 GB size, and a 2 GB and 4 GB iPod shuffle have been announced. Donít be fooled by its small size as it sounds just as impressive itís bigger brothers. The iPod shuffle has no LCD display like the iPod, iPod mini and iPod Photo. The iPod mini is a smaller colourful version of the normal iPod and come in 4GB and 6GB at present.

Not only the iPod itself is fantastic, but there are literally tons of super cool accessories available for this device.

For instance, one accessory called Roadtrip, made by Griffin Technology, is a dock you can fit in your car. The dock has a built in FM transmitter and will send out the music being played by the iPod through an FM signal. My car radio picks up the signal and blasts it out my car speakers.. How cool is that?!! You simply get in your car, slot in your iPod and turn the ignition key and off you go. The Roadtrip draws its power from the cigarette lighter. It can also draw its power from USB. That way you can use it to route the sound of your computer to your home stereo.

Another accessory for instance is AirClick, a remote control for your iPod or iPod mini. You can even get card readers so you can transfer the photos from your digital camera directly to your iPod. How handy is it to have 60 GB of storage with you if you like photography?

Since I bought my iPod I have been enjoying music more than ever before! I would like to recommend it to any music lover, its well worth the money.

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