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Planning An Out Of State Move
by: Lee Dobbins
There’s a lot more to moving to another state than there is to staying within the same state. Expenses can vary greatly from state to state and even though your new salary is going to be much higher than your old, you could still end up at a loss due to higher living expenses.

When moving to another state, some of the things you should do thorough research on school systems, salary, housing and the like. Pay attention to the tax structure in the state you are relocating to - how much is the income tax? Do they have a sales tax? What is the property tax rate? All these things can have a major impact on your budget and should be carefully considered before relocating.

Once you have decided that your relocation is a good move for your family, you’ll need to plan the details of getting from here to there. Do you have a house to sell? Then you need to consider whether you will sell it “by owner” or use a real estate professional. In order to sell your house fast and get the best price, you might want to look at it with an unbiased eye to see what improvements should be made. Remember that curb appeal is very important as is the impression the potential buyer gets when he first walks in and the look of the kitchen and bathrooms.

Of course, you will need to find suitable housing in the new state. You should plan a couple of trips out to look for new houses with realtors. If you are not sure whether the move will be permanent, consider renting a house for the first year. That way if you don’t want to stay it will be easier to pick up and leave.

Last, but not least, you need to plan the move itself. Will you be using movers? Will they be packing up all your stuff or will you pack and they just haul it to the truck? It’s not a bad idea to get organized with a moving checklist. Start your checklist a month or more before the move and keep adding to it as you think of things. Here’s a short list to start you off:

- Buy boxes or rent crates and get packing material
- Pack items you do not need for everyday use like knick knacks and decorative items
- Arrange for a House inspection (for both the new and old houses)
- Gather pay stubs and other records for loan
- Arrange for utility shut off / reconnect for phones, lights and gas
- Change address on checks and business cards
- Finalize with movers
- Schedule move out cleaning

About the author:
Lee Dobbins is a freelance writer for https://www.moving-and-more.comwhere you can find more articles on moving. Learn more about relocation and salary at

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