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Joint Ventures: The #1 Business Start-Up Plan!
by: Seb Jay
Starting up a business can seem like a daunting task. There's so much to think about, not least how you're going to finance your operation and generate revenue in the shortest amount of time possible.

Of course, there are many resources available, both in the online world and offline world, to help you succeed. Some are free, others are not. Out of the free resources that are at the disposal of business start-ups one of the most potent - yet frequently overlooked - are joint ventures.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are the key to business success. You can start with nothing and create a multi-million dollar business solely through the creation of business collaborations from which you can profit. All it takes is a little determination and the right approach…but what is the right approach?

The answer to that is simple: Look for companies that have a natural powerful synergy with yours!

Say you are starting up an online travel agency. You have the web site and you have the vacation deals, but how are you going to reach your target customers? The key is to look for other businesses in the travel industry whose customers could benefit from your product. By doing so you'll gain instant access to primed customers for no money down!

Airlines for instance will have a database of clients who travel. In exchange for offering say a discounted vacation package to airline customers, where the airline shares in the profits made from a sale of a vacation package to their customers, you could gain a customer database of several thousand people overnight! Similar joint ventures could be forged with car hire firms, hotels and even other travel web sites. The possibilities are endless!

Finding joint venture partners

Joint venture partners are easily found by registering your company details with a joint venture matching service like . These types of companies specialize in finding joint venture partners who have that natural powerful synergy. Of course, your business is not legally bound in any way to the companies that the matching service present to you. It just makes the search process for joint venture partners that little bit easier!

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