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How A Home Business May Protect You From The Housing Bubble
by: Dave Saunders
Not everyone agrees there is a housing bubble which will have an impact on the entire economy, but how about one that has an impact on you? If your home was devalued, even temporarily, do you have the cash flow to sustain your credit or allow you to sell your home without getting into debt? In the US today, many people live in homes which have positioned them in a loosing financial situation. How can a home business improve your financial position and protect you from the potential effects of a housing bubble?

First, many people have W-2 income as their only source of income. While a job is certainly a great way to trade your time for a consistent flow of money, it also provides you with the fewest tax advantages which means you end up paying more to Uncle Sam than those who also run a home business on the side. For example, many CPAs and tax planning specialists can show you how to deduct part of your home expenses, your cell phone bill and even costs to maintain and operate your vehicle, legally, if you are able to document that you actively work on your home business each day. This can turn expenses you are already paying for, into tax deductions. Thatís money in your pocket! Money saved can be reinvested into growing your business or applied to paying off your mortgage more quickly.

Protect yourself and protect your hard earned home equity by improving your cash flow and avoid running close to the edge of the value of your home compared to the debt owed in your mortgage and any home equity loans. Be sure you consult with a tax professional and a CPA to properly plan the tax benefits you can receive from having a home business. Apply those savings to building your savings and also to paying down your mortgage as quickly as possible. The more equity to have in your home, the more insulated you are from possible effects of the housing bubble and also from the effects of personal and professional emergencies.

About the author:
Dave Saunders is a professional lecturer, and enjoys creating life-interconnections through his writings and lectures. You can find out more about home business opportunities at

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