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The Important Function of Shredders -
by: Peter Emerson
Information and identity theft are two growing concerns in the world today. Paper shredders and file shredders can prevent the terrible losses that can occur when valuable information pertaining to a person or a business is stolen. Shredders destroy sensitive documents that contain private information that could cause trouble if obtained by the wrong people. Some of the sensitive information often found on paper items includes birth dates, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and business plans or other finance-related items.

Identity theft can have dire consequences. If a thief obtains someoneís social security number and birth date, he or she can then find out all kinds of financial information about the person and can use the personís bank account. If this happens, the thief can spend all of the victimís money, and the victim may or may not have a way of recovering the money. Identity thieves can ruin their victimís credit by using the stolen credit cards to run up huge debts.

Corporate espionage is another serious problem involving information theft. More often than one might believe, employees steal secret business documents and sell them to competing companies. If thieves steal a businessí financial information, like credit card numbers and bank account numbers, they can spend all of the companyís money and possibly never get caught. It is vital to protect personal and professional information from would-be thieves by destroying documents and computer files that contain the information.

Paper shredders work by cutting sheets of paper into many very small pieces, making it difficult for thieves or corporate spies to reassemble the documents and gain private information. Some shredders cut the paper vertically into ribbons, while others cut the paper in a cross cutting motion, making it much harder to reassemble the page. These paper shredders have a number of features and many can provide maximum security.

File shredders permanently erase files from a computer. Most people think that emptying the computerís recycling bin erases any files or programs that were in it, but the truth is that these files can be easily accessed using basic retrieval software. File shredding software ensures that sensitive files containing private information canít be accessed.

Not all types of shredders are used to protect business or personal information. Chip shredders are heavy-duty tools used to break wood, leaves, and other materials down. Once the materials are shredded, they can be used to make mulch or compost.

Shredders are valuable tools in a number of situations. Paper and file shredders provide protection against information theft and chip shredders are valuable landscaping tools.

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