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Making A Living Online
by: J. Elisha Burke
is not a difficult process for someone with drive and determination. It involves developing a strategy and sticking to it. There are many options available for you to make a living online. These include promoting and selling your own product or promoting and selling someone else's product as an affiliate.


If you are creative enough, you can design and create a product that you can re-sell. This can be quite beneficial to you and is great way to make a living online. If you are planning on going this route, there are many things to consider. The product you choose to create yourself should really appeal to others and be able to be sold easily. You should offer a competitive price for it and know how much profit you will make on it. It is really important to have a good business.

Business Plan

If you have never done a business plan you may need to seek assistance. Free assistance may be availabe in your areas through your local Chamber of Commerce, Business Development Center or the Small Business Administration (SBA). You can
also find many books on this in your local library. Search online under 'business plan software' and you will find many software packages designed to walk you through the entire business planning process.

Affiliate Marketing

However, if you would like to sell someone else's product, there are so many to choose from. Find a product in an area that you would like to promote and sell. But before you
commit to any product, it is a good idea to review the company's product on how you will be paid and when. These are important things to know when you are trying to make
a living online.

Create A Website

If you are new to selling online, you will have to create a website. Creating a website can be an easy or stressful process depending on your knowledge of computers and computer software. Popular computer software for creating a website include Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver. There is also specialty software you can get as well. If you are not familiar with these programs, or with creating a website, there are many companies you can hire to do this job for you. If find a company that can provide design and web hosting, this is a real bonus. Before signing up with any company, be certain to check out the company's portfolio as well as inquire about "down time" Take the time to compare the many web hosting companies as many of them are not reliable and others are not suitable for online businesses.

Promote, Promote, and then Promote some more...

After you have chosen a product to sell and created a website, it is now time to promote this website. Promotion and marketing is key to you making money. Especially if you are just starting out, you should make every effort to promote and market your website whenever and to whomever you can. The more traffic you drive to it, the more money you'll make!

There are many resources available online (many of them free) to help you promote your online business. Do research and find out which sites are really making money. Follow
the lead of the experts or gurus who have many products to explain online marketing step-by-step. It is best to spend some money and take the time to learn the ins and outs
of online selling at the outset of your business. You will be glad you did when the profits start rolling in.

About the author:
Dr. J. E. Burke, an educator and entrepreneur, has been involved in various business enterprises via his business, Burke Publications for 11 years. Dr. Burke is an educator, writer and motivational speaker on a variety of topics. He is also known for his expertise on nonprofit organizations and grant proposal writing. Dr. Burke can be contacted at https://burkepublications.comor

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