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VoIP Communications Joins Escape International as Representa
by: VoIP Communications
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VoIP Communications Joins Escape International as Representative of Team Manager

Making calls and talk to me with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) becomes the newest communications provider
Published: December 6, 2004, 9:45 PM PST
By VoIP Communications Show “Talk To Me With VoIP” With Nate Perkins,

Atlanta start-up VoIP Communications with Escape International and 8x8, Inc. (Nasdaq: EGHT), the Packet8 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videophone communications service provider, announced the availability of its DTA Broadband Phone Adapter and DV 326 Broadband VideoPhone at VoIP Communications with Escape International Company:, whose broadband VideoPhone service with Freedom Unlimited U.S & Canada Video calling broadband software lets anyone become a small-scale Internet business provider, Virtual Office hosted PBX Services and a Home-based business, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of VoIP Communications, Nate Perkins, says it's close to letting people create their own miniature phone networks as well as a small home business.

The Packet8 DTA adapter and VideoPhone will be featured at’s online store, a component of its web-based information portal designed to provide consumers with a comprehensive guide to understanding Internet telephony. The latest chapter in the life of local entrepreneur Nate Perkins us VideoPhone, a Stockbridge outlet for the new Voice over Internet Protocol picture phone. Perkins, with 24 years in military telecommunications, received a MASTER in Information Technology (IT) from University of Texas, Killeen, Texas, a disabled-combat retired Army colonel and Republican activist, has closed another Stockbridge business and his Art Outlet in Riverdale to concentrate on sales of the Packet8 phones from Escape International. The phones allow subscribers to see each other as they speak. The number Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) households is expected to mushroom to 18 million by 2008 as service quality increases, already inexpensive rates continue to drop and more homes get broadband, which VoIP operators usually require.

Because the 9 Nov, ruling the Federal Communications Commission has decided not to have the states limited to regulate the new technology, there’s a chance for small businessmen like me to compete with the big companies, which will serve to keep the prices down for Voice over Internet Protocol services.
VoIP Communications’ unique VoIP Packet8 service, Packet8 VoIP Phone Adapter service introduced a few months ago, lets someone buy, install, maintain, operate and resell high-speed Internet service using Packet8 VideoPhone service, which are commonly used to with a high-speed internet connection (DSL, cable) or with a DSL or cable router and a Packet8 VideoPhone and Packet8 Phone Adapter dispense high-speed Internet inside millions of schools, homes, offices, hotels and motels, retail outlets, public areas airport ports, transportation hubs and states-wide Homeland Security Act.
With the Enhanced 911 (E911) broadband AMBER Alerts states emergency communications service plans. VoIP Communications, highly recommend that our company broadband VideoPhones (business or home phone) will offer and add greater, cheaper and faster Internet Phone Service with Voice over Internet Protocol that the states receiving broadband AMBER Alert notifications via their VoIP phones just like e-mail and electronic text messages. VoIP Communications service would add an order of magnitude of functionality to security his offering. Initial deals for the customers include (2) two month’s free service free activation and rebates on the phones he will offer for about $250 during the holidays. VideoPhone price starting at $19.95 to #34.95 plus $3.00 for the E911 service if or when your states install the E911 network.

VoIP technology "We're moving fast" to start supporting Voice over Internet Protocol), a way of making phone calls over the Internet, www.VoIPPACKET8.NET web site claims. This way, broadband Internet networks, also known as "VoIP communications," could serve as a kind of giant online pay telephone booth, the resprestaive company says. Its soon-to-be potent mix of Wi-Fi, VoIP and open-source software that works on just about any Wi-Fi router "help (s) break the monopoly of regulated data and voice communications," a company spokesman said. “He has hired 25 home-based sale people already, he added, and plans to hire up to 3,000 in the Metro Atlanta and nationwide in the next several weeks to come”. Perkins informed his staff, “that this is how we are going to put American back to work, people who have suffered from traditional companies layoffs and economic ups and downs”.
While some entrepreneurs will probably use the Packet8 phones to turn their homes into small-based business, VoIP Communication’s founders believe the initial market will predominantly be businesses run out of homes, or small companies looking for any competitive advantage they can get.

We here at VoIP Communications are another example of the changing face of the telephone industry. A decade ago, nearly every phone call at one point use the expensive, privately owned and heavily taxed and regulated local phone network. But VoIP technology allows the same calls to use the Internet--a haven from taxes and regulations-- that makes them much cheaper, and Packet8 ( See Atlanta Journal-Constitution cover story “Ask Clark Howard“, dated 16 November 2004, paged IE3. Listen Clark Howard’s radio show 1-4pm Mondays-Fridays on WSB-AM (750). Have questions about VoIP? Visit

Traditional telephone operators first used VoIP technology to cut down on their own costs. Two years ago, commercial services such as Vonage helped seed the market for using a broadband connection to make and receive calls from any phone number. By year's end, a million U.S. homes will be using broadband to make phone calls, and 10 million by 2008, several analysts have predicted.

About VoIP Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Communications, the Founder LTC Nate Perkins USA, Ret., the Chairman and CEO, VoIP Communications, a Broadband Videophones: Starting at $19.95 unlimited U.S. & Canada Calling. The author of the bestseller book: NATE PERKINS LIVE! WE'RE AT A CROSSROAD. TALK TO ME (see page 101). "Is dedicated to the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and the Republican Party 2004. LTC Nate Perkins, USA, (RET) is the most controversial TV host/ Radio host in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a 24-years disabled-veteran combat veteran".

For more information, visit wed sites or, free call 1-866-904-VoIP, fax to 1-678-565-8733. VoIP Communications is a disabled-veteran company, located in SOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE at 893 Highway 138 W Suite 10, Stockbridge, and Georgia 30281. A member of DSL Reports Gold and The Fierce15. Representative Team Manger With Escape International.

About Escape International

Escape International Incorporated, a privately held company, founded in 2001 is a marketing company focused primarily on telecom products and services. A second division exists specializing in wellness products. Escape prides itself on being a legitimately free network marketing company with income opportunities ranging from stay at home part time income to full time business opportunities. Escape is managed by a strong team of highly experienced individuals with over forty years of combined experience in the industry. For additional company information, visit the Escape International Website at:

NOTE: 8x8, the 8x8 logo, Packet8, the Packet8 logo and Packet8 Virtual Office are trademarks of 8x8, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Nate Perkins of VoIP Communications, +1-800-994-VOIP, or CEO@VoIPPACTE8.NET

Web site:

Web site:

Web site:

About 8x8, Inc.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service provider 8x8, Inc. offers internet-based telephony solutions ( for individual residential and business users as well as small to medium sized business organizations. In addition to regular Packet8 VoIP service plans, priced as low as $19.95 per month for unlimited anytime calling to the U.S. and Canada, 8x8 now offers the Packet8 DV 326 VideoPhone, the industry's first stand alone broadband
Consumer videophone. Packet8 Virtual Office, 8x8's VoIP system for small to medium sized businesses, is a hosted PBX solution comprised of powerful business class features. For additional company information, visit 8x8's web site at

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