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The Monetization Method of Make Money Blogging
by: Ryen Kim
There could be many reasons why a blogger think of blogging for money. Maybe for the purpose of compensating hosting and domain registrar cost, passive income, or blogging as a full time job. When it comes to the topic, "make money blogging", it doesn't matter what is your purpose. Just apply the methods or programs that make money with your blog.

I found many posts on the web talking about the ways to make money with blogging. Among them the following two articles are worth to read.

As Elise Bauer clearly categorized the methods in his "How to Make Money with Your Blog", the ways to make money blogging are:

  • placing Google Adsense

  • placing affiliate program links

  • placing advertisements

  • placing Paypal Tip Jar for donation

To make a long story short, the ways of making money with blogging can be understood with two streams.

  • pay-per-click scheme

  • pay-per-performance scheme

Pay-per-click means that you earn commission whenever your reader click a link you provided. Google Adsense is the best example of this scheme.

Pay-per-performance means that you'll not earn any commissions just by click. You can get commission only when your reader purchase something from the web site that you provided by means of a link. Most of affiliate programs, for example amazon associate program (by the way affiliate program and associate program are the same term), are in this scheme.

While pay-per-click scheme seems easier to perform than pay-per-performance, the latter has sound reason you may have to consider:that is, the amount of commission is much higher than that of the former.Most of case joining an affiliate program is free, so no risk and no catch is involved. But certainly you have to put more effort than you do with Google Adsense. You can regard 'more effort' as a cost of 'free' and 'more commission'.

The bottom line is always to consider running Google Adsense on your blog and if you are looking more income, consider joining some affiliate programs and placing affiliate link on your blog. If you want know more about affiliate program (how it works, how to optimize, etc), you may want to pay a visit Affiliate Business Web Site. Though that web site is not aimed to bloggers, you can find lots of information about how to implement affiliate program.

When you choose an affiliate program, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that that affiliate program must be related to your blog topic. For example, when you're talking about "car", an affiliate program about "how to make an e-book" does not make sense and won't generate any click through.

As a final word, it can not be overemphasized the importance of your blog content and traffic. Why I suddenly raise these two subject while I'm talking about how to make money blogging? Because...

  • it is or must be the content that finally lead your readers click the links
  • .
  • the more traffic, the more chance you get clicks.

To sum up, always provide quality blog with your reader, then add Google Adsense on your blog, join a few affiliate programs and provide those affiliate link on your blog. And the key of choosing an affiliate program is the relevancy to your blog topic.

About the Author

Ryen Kim is an MBA, specialized in marketing research and analysis. His current focus is blogging and home based affiliate business as a work-at-home scheme. He is a founder of Blog Sites and running Hom Based Affiliate Business web site.


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