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Humidifier Use In The Home
by: Kelly Gillis
Humidifiers get a lot of use in baby nurseries. When baby is having a breathing problem due to illness, improving and moisturizing the air will help him/her breathe easier. But, humidifiers are not just for baby.

Very simply, a humidifier puts moisture into the air. This moist air makes it easier for anyone who suffers with allergies, asthma, sinus headaches or swollen nasal passages to breathe. Humidifiers also help prevent dry skin and hair and static electricity in the winter time when the heat is on in the home. Humidifiers can also be beneficial for the home by preventing over drying of wood, peeling of wallpaper, and preventing cracks in drywall and plaster.

Humidifiers can make cool mist or warm mist. A warm mist humidifier has been compared to being in a greenhouse, whereas a cool mist humidifier puts out cool air and will not make the air in the room warm. You will choose based on your personal preference.

You can purchase humidifiers to handle one room, such as a bedroom, or nursery, or purchase a humidifier to handle a large space such as a whole house humidifier. There are many features available on humidifiers. You will probably want to look for a humidifier with an automatic shut off. It will turn off when the unit is empty. This is a good safety feature. Some humidifiers have built in humidistats. This can help when a humidifier is used frequently as they can make a room wet, or over-humidify a room. Some humidifiers come with an ultraviolet light that is used to kill bacteria in the water before it is dispersed into the air by the humidifier. Some humidifiers have quieter motors than others, and this can be important as they are often used while sleeping.

Studies done by the government have shown that cool mist humidifiers can disperse microorganisms and minerals into the air. The EPA suggests that you use a bottled distilled water in your humidifier to help lower the mineral content in the air. Also, you should not humidify indoors to over 50
s high humidity encourages growth of biological organisms, such as mold, in the home. It is suggested you keep the humidity level in your home between 35-45

It is very important that you keep your humidifier clean and follow the manufacturers suggested cleaning schedule.

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