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A Guide to Waterbed Mattresses -
by: Eric Morris
If you need a new waterbed mattress, there are a variety of things you should know. For starters, waterbed mattresses come in different levels of firmness. Since even the firmest waterbed is less firm than a traditional bed, most experts recommend buying the firmest waterbed mattress that you can afford.

Let’s take a look at the different types of waterbed mattresses:

Free Flow: as its name suggests, a free flow mattress allows the water to flow freely. This makes the bed feel as though it is always gently rocking. Sleeping on a free flow waterbed mattress is much like sleeping on a boat. This type of mattress is not recommended for someone who desires support. Some people have trouble sleeping on a bed that moves freely with every toss and every turn. In addition, the free flow mattress doesn’t have any mechanism to balance it. This means that if one partner is larger or heavier than the other, the mattress will be lopsided.

Hydraulic: a hydraulic waterbed mattress is filled with tiny round vinyl coils. These coils fill with water and float just beneath the top of the mattress. This helps to regulate the movement of the water. The more coils a mattress has, the firmer it will be. In addition, the coils help to balance out the bed. This means that even if one partner is heavier than the other, they will stay on the same level.

Fiber Fill: in fiber filled waterbed mattresses, the manufacturer fills the mattress with fiber. This helps to reduce the movement of the water and to increase the firmness of the mattress. The more fiber the mattress has, the firmer it will be.

Waterbed mattresses are available at many online stores, including My Waterbed Shop, All Waterbeds, Bedroom Discounters, and Simmons.

For additional waterbed mattress resources, do an Internet search for “waterbed mattress.” Also check your local bedding, mattress, and furniture stores.

About the author:
Mattresses Info provides detailed information about air, foam, memory foam, futon, and waterbed mattresses and mattress pads, plus advice about mattress stores. Mattresses Info is the sister site of Memory Foam Web.

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