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Handmade Beauty Business . . . Virtually!
by: Charlon Bobo

The business of Handmade Beauty has grown exponentially in the past ten years. I have personally observed and been an integral part of enormous growth and innovation as the industry has become more well-known, and even mainstream.

As an instructor in the arts of cold-process soap-making and toiletry-making, it is amazing to talk with student after student about their newfound knowledge of creating handmade beauty products and their desire to start a business. The range runs the gamut from selling a few weeks annually during the pre-holiday craft fair season to starting a full-time business with a very sophisticated long-term business plan. I am always amazed at the passion this craft elicits and the endless possibilities, variations, and directions in which such a business could go!

I know. From personal experience, I know it very well.

What I like to share in my consultations is that anything is possible. With enough commitment, endurance, a well-thought plan, and enough cash to carry you through until you are generating the income sufficient to get by and thrive, it can be done.

That said, in my experience, from the moment you decide you are serious about being in business, it is imperative to adopt a mindset of maximizing your time and energy. One way of doing that is to hire a professional Virtual Assistant, also known as a “VA.”

Depending on the experience and expertise of your VA, s/he caters to your administrative, technical, creative, and financial needs. Delegating these time-consuming tasks to the capable hands of your VA frees you to focus on what’s most important: growing your business and generating revenue!

A virtual assistant is your partner in business. Aside from you, they care as much about the success of your business as anyone! They are equipped with the most updated equipment and systems. They are savvy and industrious when it comes to finding innovative ways to implement new programs or introduce new products. As you mature in business, it is not uncommon to depend heavily on the services of a VA for the superior behind-the-scenes contribution they make to your success.

Partnering with a professional Virtual Assistant will:

1. Increase your revenue.
2. Increase your productivity.
3. Save you money.
4. Save you time.
5. Save you frustration.

How does that sound? The handmade beauty business of your dreams awaits!

by Charlon Bobo, Muse works™ © 2005

You have permission to freely distribute this article provided all the text contained herein remains intact.

Charlon Bobo is the Founder and Creative Director of Muse works™, a dynamic trend-setting Virtual Assistant enterprise in Southern California that caters to the niche needs of entrepreneurs in the handmade beauty industry. For more information, visit Muse works™ and Muse works™ Blog. Feel free to contact us at 805.405.4944 or


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