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Baby names and how to pick one
by: Marilyn Willoughby
Researchers claim that there are over one million baby names in everyday use worldwide. How are you going to pick from among all of the baby names in existence?

Is the meaning of baby names important to you? Here are a few common baby names with meanings that might surprise you:
· Harvey is a variant of a word from Old German word meaning ‘Soldier’
· Janie is from Old English meaning ‘God has been gracious’
· Donald comes from Latin and means ‘Brown Stranger’
· Dougal originates from Old Anglo-Saxon and means ‘Dweller by the dark stream’
· Rachel is another variant of an Old German word meaning ‘Lamb’

One of the most meaningful things you will ever do for your little one is select a name, as it will endure for his or her whole life.

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About the author:

Marilyn Willoughby is a successful author and publisher of An online resource for buying great baby products and a provider of important baby safety tips.


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