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All About Wheels: Guide In Buying Replacement Auto Wheels
by: Tracy Dawson

As cars became more advanced, auto users likewise continuously increased their consciousness on how their cars should look and perform. There’s simply no particular vehicle that can suffice all of a users’ ever-changing needs and wants; thus, one does a lot of things to improve his car and make it more enjoyable to drive and ride. One of the things auto users frequently do to improve their vehicle’s looks and performance is to change the wheels of the car.

The wheel or the rim particularly refers to the metal ring on which the tire is attached but it also refers to both the rim and the tire as a whole. The wheels are among the most essential parts in the car since they are the ones that make your vehicle move. They “interact” with the road and thus greatly affect your car’s handling and ride quality.

Replacing the wheels is easier now and your choices are much greater as well. Stores like Auto Parts Corner provide great variety of OEM-quality auto parts including Ford wheels, GMC wheels, Mazda wheels, and BMW wheels. What’s more exciting is that you can purchase these products online. Aside from getting excellent choices, you get to save time, money and your efforts as well in purchasing replacement wheels for your car. You can expect amazing Auto Parts Wholesale deals from stores like this as well since more and more auto parts stores online are offering different kinds of replacement and aftermarket parts for almost all makes and models at great discount prices.

Purchasing replacement wheels and other auto parts may be a lot easier now however you still have to be wise and meticulous enough in selecting the sources of the parts you’re going to install on your vehicle. Thousands of stores online may be offering the same deals on numerous kinds of Ford parts, BMW parts, Chevrolet parts, Toyota parts and other most sought after replacement automotive parts but you can never be so sure of their products’ quality. It’s better to get auto parts from trusted sources like Auto Parts Corner.

Likewise, you must be particular about the dimensions of the wheels you are purchasing. You must be very careful in choosing the right replacement wheels for your car so as not to compromise safety and your riding comfort. Although you want to enhance your car’s appearance, the way the wheel looks should not be your basis in choosing it over a more durable and high quality wheel.

Here are some auto terms related to auto wheels. Understanding these can be of great help in making the right choices on the kind of wheels you need to purchase in lieu of the original equipment.

Wheel Diameter. This refers to diameter of the metal ring, on which the bead of the tire rests. This is usually indicated on the wheels itself in inches. If you don’t find it on the wheel, know the size of the tires mounted on it. To achieve more athletic look, wheels with larger diameter matched with low profile tires are usually used as replacement for the stock wheels.

Wheel width. This is the distance between the vertical edges of the rim where the tire bead seats. Ideally, the wheel width must be the same as the width of the tread of the tire (circumference of the outside surface of the tire).

Wheel balancing. This procedure is done with the wheels off the car. This ensures that the weight of the wheels is distributed evenly around the axle.

Wheel offset. This refers to the distance between the mounting surface of the wheel to the car (particularly the attachment surface of the disc at the wheel hub) and the center of the rim. This is crucial to the proper positioning of the tires.

About the author:
Tracy is a 29 year old researcher and writer from Dallas, Texas with extensive experience in writing auto-related articles and covering automotive related events. She is currently a contributing writer for a leading automotive e-zine.

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