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Three Easy Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordin
by: Barbra Sundquist
Three Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings

by Barbra Sundquist, Certified Mentor Coach

If you want to record:
- a client call you are recording to submit for certification
- a teleclass you are leading
- an interview you are conducting
- anything else

You need to be able to:
- Easily turn on the recording system on and off
- get the finished recording in an MP3 format so that you and others can listen to it


Go to and sign up for a free bridge line (this is a fully functional bridge line with your own private PIN number)


I’ve done a lot of research on this subject and tried out many systems. In my experience the best two services for ease of use, customer support and value for your dollar are:

1) ($10 per recording). I recommend you choose this option if you only make one or two recordings a month. Please note that this service provides only recording from the telephone (not from your computer).

2) ($19.95 month for unlimited recordings). I recommend you use if you make 2 or more recordings a month. This service has more more features than the one above. In particular, you can record from your telephone or directly into your computer.

Step three: HOW TO DO IT

Using Option #1 –

1) you and your caller(s) phone into your bridge line as usual (it has to be a bridge line)

2) when you are ready to begin recording, press *2 on your phone and it will ask you for a recording file number. Just name the file whatever you will remember using your touch-tone phone (example: if you punch in 4545, this will be your recorded file number for this recording).

3) When you would like the recording to end, just press *2 again. Recording also ends when you hang up.

4) To get the MP3 file, just go to the website and click on the link “Download Conference Recordings” at the bottom of the homepage.

5) The company will email you your MP3 file, which you can then click on to listen to. You can also email the file to someone else, upload the file to your website, etc.

Using Option #2 –

1) phone into your bridge (it can be any bridge)

2) once you have greeted your participants, you need to “patch in” the AudioAcrobat recording line. This is not difficult. Here are the steps:
- press the “Flash” button on your phone
- when you hear the dialtone you dial the AudioAcrobat phone number and enter your PIN
- after you have entered your PIN, you will hear some phone prompts. To start the conference call recording press “3” on your phone keypad.
- as soon as you hear the prompt say “Patch this line into your conference call now” hit the “Flash” button to return to your conference call participants.
- you will hear two audible tones when the recording starts.
- to stop the recording process, simply hit the “Flash” button again or hang up.

3) Once you hang up, AudioAcrobat makes your MP3 file which will appear in the “Show My Audios” section of your account. The longer the recording, the longer it will take to show up. A one hour conference call takes about 10 minutes to appear.

About the Author

Barbra Sundquist is a Certified Mentor Coach and a certifying examiner for both the IAC and Coachville. Barbra is known as “the coach who makes things simple” and she absolutely loves
taking complex information and making it understandable for learners. To receive more useful “how-to” tips, go to and subscribe to Certified Coach News.


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