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How to Market with Niche Auction Sites
by: Diana Barnum

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How to Market with Niche Auction Sites

Online auctions are big business. But they can be big headaches.

During the past year, trading in online commerce was valued at
$60 billion, according to "Business Standard.” Online trade among
small businesses makes up 1 per cent of USA's GDP (Gross Domestic
Product) and is expected to reach 10 per cent or $400 billion of
USA's GDP by 2010.

“But setting up and maintaining operations on huge auction sites
like Ebay is not always easy,” said Rich Moc, owner of
Performance Cars at, a niche automotive auction site.”

“People can spend a lot of time sifting through cluttered pages
of auctions, bidding, setting up accounts and managing multiple,
confusing and expensive fees that can take an accountant to
figure out. And trying to figure out how to submit a simple email
or place a quick call for help can be a pain in the neck.”

The solution or pain relief for big auction headaches? Smaller,
niche sites with personalized service. For example, Performance
Cars offers easier management, one-on-one help and plenty of
options to help with automotive solutions and aftermarket
selling. Some of their auction tips are:

· Customer Service - When you have an item listed and a potential
buyer contacts you with a question, respond quickly. It is
important and actually critical to your success to check your
email account several times a day. Answering a question could be
the difference between you getting the sale or the buyer going
someplace else.

· Description - When you list your item(s), write an accurate
description. No need to write long paragraphs of rambling
information. But do provide exact measurements, colors,
condition, etc. Be precise.

· Exceed Expectations - You want every customer to be happy. So
do a little more research on shipping, or negotiate on price. But
remember that the customer is the reason you will have success.
Be prepared to go the extra mile and provide superior service
every time.

· Digital Images - While auctions without photographs can and do
sell, auctions with photographs sell much better. People like
visualizations and want to see what they will get with their
money. Make sure your photograph is clear, focused and offers
more than just a straight view.

With, sellers can instantly create their own account
and setup their own homepage. Next they add their product
information and links. Then upload images, up to eight photos
included with the no-cost membership. That's it.

“It is THE BEST site to host photos and one of the best to sell
and buy things for your car!” shared Lefteris from Greece who
sells Jewels for Porsches regularly on Ebay and now on,

“And the site is very easy to use.”

The site is developing to meet needs of the buyers and sellers.
In the works are Photo Gallery for hosting pictures, AV Center
for racing videos, and a Forum for comments and sharing
automotive tips.

“As a seller I find the PCARS site very easy to list and I like
that I can have large photos for my items,” Lefteris explained.
“I use Ebay also, but I find the PCARS site much, much better.
I'm here
to stay.”

Progressing Discount Price Plan

Also under way is a new Progressing Discount Price (PDP) plan.
Sellers will have the option to list their prices so that they
decrease over time, while waiting for someone to buy. This option
benefits the sellers by allowing them to discount their
inventories as time progresses. Additionally, this ensures that
inventories may get sold at the end of the listing period (usually 30-day). The
benefit for the buyers is that they get to buy the items cheaper
the next

day if the items have not been sold. Here is an example with this
option: .

Automotive sellers and buyers are invited to setup Dealer
Accounts and Private Party Accounts at and see how
simple the site works. They can sell and buy new and used
performance vehicles, parts, accessories and auto care products
of all types, quickly & easily online.

For more tips and to sign up for a new account, visit or contact Rich at
or Diana at ; call: (626) 688-1919.
About author: Diana Barnum, president of and CEO of For more help with marketing, public relations and writing, email or call: (614) 529-9459.


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