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Simple Steps to Increase Your Sales by up to 400%
by: Paul Barrs
Wouldn't it be just fantastic to be able to offer your
website visitors exactly what they wanted each and every

One of the greatest selling myths is that you only have one
product to sell. Even if you have an entire range of
products or services or packages – the illusion is still

That however, is not the case. One product or package can
easily be turned around to represent over half a dozen
products just by utilizing a little creativity.

Let me explain….

Let's say that on your site you advertise an accommodation
weekend holiday package for the Friday and Saturday nights.
(You might be tempted to think, “I sell accommodation,
people either want it or they don't”).

That's great for the 3 out of 10 visitors who want to take
a quick holiday weekend, but not for the seven others.
Using creativity and by placing additional pages on your
site targeting the other visitors you could easily increase
your bookings rate by as much as 300 – 400%.

How about offering a Corporate Retreat package? It's the
same deal, but maybe with a slightly different hamper –
whatever, it's greatly accepted by busy business people
looking for that nice relaxing weekend.

What about a Family Fiesta! Same deal once again but offer
a movie pass for the kids or tickets to a local tourist

Parents Pleasure Weekend? Free Babysitting.

Students Study Retreat – Free Internet access.

Wine Lovers Diary – Free bus to local wineries….

See where this goes, it's always the same package, and your
goal is to fill beds – all you need to do is add that extra
something special.

The key to success here is to offer a completely separate
page on your website that targets the marketplace your
potential customer is in. If that means having ten pages
offering the same deal to ten different types of people
(but with different incentive), great – go for it.

The only thing that stops you is your imagination.

And as a final guideline, when you set out each page make
sure that both the sales copy and the search engine
functionality are also focused towards the individuals
target market niche.

That simply means use words that they understand, put
forward the benefits that they want to read about. Make
sure that the description meta tag is optimized so they
read what they want before they click to you on a search.

Make sure the headline grabs them by the neck and reels
them in. Also be sure to offer them a “value added”
incentive – never a discount. Plus, make sure that you ASK
THEM to book with you.

It's really that easy.

Paul Barrs

P.S. This is probably the shortest article I've ever
written before, but there isn't really too much to say.
You've got to learn to be creative.

This past week I received by mail an offer to subscribe to
a very well known business magazine. I'm still very tempted
to order that subscription even though I've never read the
magazine before in my life.


Because they are offering a FREE sports watch with every
new subscription!

The thing is, I don't need a watch – I've got a beautiful
$1000 gold watch sitting on my wrist right now – but I
still want to order the subscription.


Because I WANT that FREE watch!

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