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Medical Tourism: Medical Outsourcing by “Interworld Healthca
by: pushpa jha
Interworld healthcare is a premier company in the field of medical tourism. We believe that “there is no reason why India should not become the healthcare destination of the world”.
India’s healthcare industry is growing at 30% annually and many foreigners are coming India to avail medical treatment last year some 150,000 foreigner visited India for treatment with the number rising by 15% a year. The attraction of Indian traditional medicine will be a significant contributor to the inflow of foreign travelers into India.

What medical tourism is ??

Medical tourism is providing a cost effective private medical care in collaboration with tourism industry for patients needing any type of medical treatment. In simple words medical tourism is an integrated collaborative approach from both medical/ healthcare services and tourism services.

What Interworld Does ??

Interworld Healthcare provides Medical services as well as tourism services under single roof. We make foreigners aware about the quality medical facility available in India at various well-equipped highly maintained hospitals.

We are attracting patients from Middle East Countries, Oman, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, Mauritius, US and UK. We have channels in India as well as abroad. We are in continuous talk with top ranked hospitals and travel agencies for our next batch of patients. Major group of patients are coming from other developing countries where western-quality hospital are either very expensive or not available.

Some patients also come from developed countries like UK, US, Germany as there exists long waiting list for medical treatment and the treatment and the treatment is very costly.

Health holiday offers customer opportunity to get relaxed from their daily routine in relaxing surrounding. Apart from enjoying visit to new place they can avail medical treatment, orientation to improve their health. Many people from developed world come to India for the rejuvenation promised by yoga and ayurvedic massage..

Interworld Healthcare As Medical Tourism Promoter

The global healthcare market is USD 3 trillion and size of the Indian healthcare industry is around 1,10,000 crores accounting for nearly 5.2 percent of GDP. It is likely to reach 6.2-8.5 percent of the GDP by 2012.

Medical Tourism is a new concept in India, Interworld is entering in the medical tourism market to create the position of medical hospital and treatment facility worldwide.

We have our web network and we are linked with several medical insurance agencies of developing as well as developed countries. To make general public aware of Indian medical tourism we advertise in paper, media and online article on regular basis.

We are responsible for representing our partner hospitals and other service providers in national and international health and medical seminar. We distribute Brochure, pamphlets of individual hospital for general public awareness highlighting the quality facility they provide with their westerner-trained doctors.

Our Facilities

We provide two way treatment facilities to the patients, either patients can opt for medical treatment at India with visiting over hear or they can avail medical treatment at their own country. To the patient coming to India we provide full package of medical tourism including Medical Registration, Doctoral consultancy, Medical Surgery, 24/7 bi lingual personnel assistant, Doctors for day to day patients care, accommodation for family members, Inbound / Outbound tour and travel arrangement with other value added services as required.
Patients willing to get treatment at own country we provide a team of expert Doctors to them at their own countries with full facilities arrangement.

In the upcoming field of medical tourism interworld healthcare acts as a bridge between foreign patients and Indian hospitals giving them complete solution of healthcare and

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