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How You Can Find Freelance Writing Employment
by: Niall Cinneide

How can you find writing jobs? Do you have proven skills that can propel you in the right direction? If so, then why are you looking for fresh vacancies? The best tool to those who have employment histories is to look to the companies that you have already worked for. There, they can help provide you with more work, or point you in the right direction.

There are many careers in which you need a good education to do well. This one is no different. Employment, freelance or with a company, is available to those who have a proven track record. For those that do not, though, they will have to prove themselves in other ways. It may be necessary to take on a proofreading career in order to get your foot in the freelance door. Or, you may find that editing is not helping you and therefore look for opportunities in other related fields. If you want to be a published author, you may have to start by doing copy for websites first. You must build your experience, then you will have the opportunities that you didnít have before.

Vacancies in this field are rarely easy to get. You may be able to write an article or two that gets published, but it is not easy to get regular writing employment. You will need to establish yourself first. With a solid education and a solid set of experienced references, you will find it easier to find the jobs that you have been looking for. Without this though, you will have to take whatever openings are available until you find your way past that sealed door. However, as soon as you crack it you are likely to find a range of suitable jobs. Then, all the lowly work will be well worth it.

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This article was posted on September 08, 2005


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