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How To Create A Profitable Affiliate Program In 72 Hours--OR
by: Bill Nieporte
Associate Program (APs--also called Affiliate Programs and
Reseller Programs) are among the hottest moneymaking opportunities
available on the Internet today. Easy to join, you can be up and
running within an hour.

Success in the AP marketplace is not certain. Like any other
business venture--AP marketing success takes time, effort, and a
certain amount of investment before you receive a profitable

Several articles have been written in the last six months about
how to build a successful Associate Program business. In fact,
I've written one of these articles [you can request a copy of
"Developing a Strategy That Will Earn You $3000.00 From Associate
Programs!" at mailto:earn$].

One subject that hasn't been addressed is how the average person
can get an affiliate program up and running with a minimal
investment. In the next few moments I am going to show you
exactly how you can set up an affiliate program in less than 72
hours. With the exception of product development or acquisition,
your expense will be less than $100.00!

As a bonus, your bookkeeping responsibilities are going to be
limited. You see a third party, for a very minimal processing
fee, will do payment processing and affiliate recording keeping.

Ready to learn how to make some money? Great! Let's do it!


What are you going to be selling?

For starters, you will need a product or service that can be
delivered almost immediately via the Internet! Your options here
are not as limited as you may think. Perhaps you publish a
newsletter and want to increase your advertising revenue. Maybe
you've written an e-book and would like to earn some extra $$$ for
all your hard work. If you are a programmer, you might have a
handy software tool that you'd like to share with the masses. It
could be that you own the reprint rights to somebody else's
product and would like to sell these and start earning some

For the purposes of this illustration, I have created an affiliate
program for selling advertising space in my Ezine, *The Success In
Life Newsletter."

==========SIDE BAR==========

There are hundreds of other authors/programmers who provide resell
rights for their products. You've just got to take the time to
find the RIGHT ONE. Unless you've got a product in hand right
now, it could take a day or two to find something that you want to
resell. But it will be worth the effort.

(Please note that I am making NO promises as to how much money you
will make selling this product. I am offering this simply to
illustrate how quickly and easily you can set up your very own
affiliate program. When you've finished with this little project,
you'll be able to repeat this technique for ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE
you want to market.)

==========SIDE BAR==========

Now that you have a product (or at least know what to look for) it
is time for...


First you need web space! If you have a domain--that's great. For
our purposes, however, even one of those free sites will do.
[Remember--I am just showing you how to get started! When you've
finished this little project you'll be able to repeat it over and
over again in a much more sophisticated manner.]

1) Establish a FREE account right now with a free web host. This
should take you a little less that 30 minutes!

2) Write a sales letter to sell your product. If you need help
here I suggest you click over Yanik Silver's *Instant Sales
Letters* site. Yanik provides a terrific arsenal of powerful,
moneymaking fill-in-the-blank sales letter templates guaranteed to
sell your product or service. Learn more

[Hint: Most of the better reprint rights distributors will provide
you with proven sales letters].

3) Use a site creation tool to build a simple sales page to
promote you product. Avoid flashy graphics pictures. What you
need in the sales letter/information about the product you are
selling, and a link(s) to your payment-processing page.

Here's my example:


You want to get paid for your product--right? That means you need
to provide people with the ability to pay for the product or
service you provide.

You do want to pay huge fees for processing, order tracking, or
special equipment--right? You'll have NO FEES for tracking and
processing affiliate sales. You'll have NO MONTHLY FEES for using
this service-->no sales, no fees! You'll pay less than $40.00 to
set-up your affiliate account and a minimal % for every sale you
or your affiliates make--that it!

The company is called ClickBank. They will allow you to start
accepting credit cards online! They also have incredibly easy
instructions for using their service to start your own affiliate
program. Getting set up with ClickBank took less than an hour.
Learn more at

Your affiliate partner can open a FREE account at the above link
and then start selling your product or service--being compensated
at whatever percentage you determine. ClickBank not only
processes the credit card, they also track affiliate sales and pay
your partners. Here's how it works!

Your affiliates join FOR FREE--and are provide/select an affiliate
ID-->expressed below as XXXX.

You provide them the site URL and they simply insert their ID
where the XXXX is listed below. Then they promote that link in
whatever legal fashion they desire-->and get paid whatever % you
determine up to 50%.

That's it!

You have now entered the world of being an affiliate program
owner. Congrats!

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