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Weight Loss - It's not about the numbers, it's your approach
by: Greg Ryan
Weight loss is more about figuring out your unwanted behaviors rather than numbers on a scale, chart or treadmill. Figure the whys out and you will have staying power. Don't and keep getting more out of shape.

Today obesity, diabetes and heart disease runs through  us at epidemic levels, Why? The answer lies not in the thousands of different kinds of diet, weight loss and workout  programs offered, the answer lies in the approach.  But, no one wants to talk about that. Do you ever wonder why that is?

Do we not want to know, or could it have something to do with the doctor’s and those in the fitness industry not wanting to explain the best approach to us? Maybe they don’t even know the right way themselves? Deep down we want and need too know. Why do I say this? Twenty years of managinghealth clubs and dealing with doctor’s tells me, that if they told you this, then there may be a chance you would not need them. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. But, true!


“While exercise and eating guidelines are based on good scientific principles, they do not go along with human nature or common sense. Recent history is telling us this; we are better off with encouraging the mediocre people who are willing to include exercise in their daily lives, rather than cramming guidelines down throats that are far beyond the reach of the majority of people. In the end, keeping things simple combined with support usually works better.”

Greg Ryan

From his e-book: “Just MOVE it,”

Over the years most of us who are out of shape and  want to lose a few pounds and feel a little better  about ourselves, developed many different behaviors toward exercise and food. Some are good ones, but most are just barriers we have built in our minds. I guess you could also chalk it up to pure laziness.

However, the bottom line is we are going to continue down the path of destruction until someone comes up with a plan to help people deal with the reasons behind such behaviors.

No pill will do it long term, no eight minute ab’s routine will concur the patterns; the only thing it will take is introspection. But, do we want to hear that? Maybe, that is just too painful to even think about right now.

Do you mean I will have to take a good long look at myself? Maybe so. At the end of the day, you are going to have to ask yourself, “Do I deal with it now or do I deal with the consequences later? Because that’s really want it comes down to. Face the truth on your terms today, or face the reality on life’s terms down the road in a hospital bed.

I chose to deal with it now.

So where is the magic? It’s not in the pills or programs being fed to us today and it’s also not found so much in the numbers on an exercise chart, the amount of weight you lift, or the miles on a treadmill. 

Our success lies in:

  • How willing we are to deal with the roots of the unwanted behaviors?
  • Figuring out what truly motivates us?
  • Developing a great support system for us personally?
  • Figure out the emotions behind the food.
  • Simplifying the workout program to fit your lifestyle.

Do we really want to continue to put a bandage on bleeding artery?  Or do we get serious and do some mental surgery that takes care  of the weight problem once in for all.

I say go for it! What do you have to lose except a few pounds?

Greg Ryan best selling author of the Changing from the "INSIDE OUT". Discover the five step  common sense way to lose weight that the  medical and fitness industry’s DON’T want you  to know. FREE Mini Course

Greg Ryan is twenty year veteran of the fitness and weight loss industry. A best selling author and former employer of Kathy Smith. Greg is currently tarveling the world promoting that weight loss is about the approach and not the numbers.


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