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Change Your Life With a Commitment to Weight Loss
by: Tammy Corbett
Anyone who has ever had to lose weight can attest to the enormous commitment the endeavor demands. Dropping pounds requires you to substantially alter your life style. Eating habits must be changed, physical activity must be incorporated and a general healthier approach to living must be embraced. For many individuals, the promise of a thinner self is the inspiration to maintain a weight loss regimen. Losing weight can have not only a significant effect on your health, but also on your self-esteem.

Feeling good about your physical appearance benefits your self-esteem in many ways. For many people, not being proud of their body prevents them from attaining what they want in life. It is exciting to think of the many areas in your life that can potentially change when you lose the weight.

Changing Your Attitude about Weight Loss

Losing weight can give you the confidence you need to win the position at work that you have always wanted. When you are not positive about your appearance, it shows, and often your career is negatively affected. Knowing that you look and feel good results in a positive attitude and people will respond accordingly. It is not only your attitude that will change, but also the way you interact with people. Weight loss can help you be more assertive, direct and convincing- factors that can get you ahead in your career!

Visualizing a Thinner You

Undoubtedly, weight loss has the power to change your professional life, but it also has the ability to change your romantic life. Whether you are attached or single, a new thinner you will have more confidence in the field of love. Perhaps you will surprise your husband by wearing that sexy dress you had always thought of wearing but never had the courage to do so. Or, maybe you will finally ask that gorgeous librarian out on a romantic date. Losing weight not only sheds extra pounds from your body, but it also does away with feelings of fear and intimidation. Once you conquer weight loss, you will feel as if anything is possible, and it is!

When you start to feel as if you will never lose the weight and dieting is just too hard, think of the new thinner you that is just around the corner. Imagine the added energy you will have, the increased confidence and the overall feeling of well being. Weight loss is hard work, but the end result is well worth it!

About the Author

Tammy Corbett is weight loss consultant and author of several articles on the importance of weight loss programs.


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