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What is the Best Work From Home Business and Why?
by: adrian creffield
There is a virtual gold mine out in the marketplace for 'Work From Home' opportunities that is being virtually ignored by most people.
Working from home has stormed the globe as many people are looking to drop out of the rat race and create an income that will build a financial fortress around themselves and their families. "But what home based business is the right one?"

This question has been put forward to experts like Pauil Zane Pilzer. In his book The Next Trillion, Pilzer identified a newly emerging "wellness" industry and predicted that wellness will occupy an additional one-seventh or "next trillion" of our economy. He stated "wellness is the industry in which the fortunes of the new millennium will be created and distribution will be where most of that wealth occurs."

As well as the correct industry a business needs:

1) Contacts around the country.
2) Existing clients.
3) Experience in the marketplace.
4) Exposure, credibility, and visibility to a lot of people.
5) Capital that can purchase products.

Many people are looking for other sources of revenue by working from home. provides a business opportunity across the globe that captures all the essential points. This is a true opportunity that is taking the world by storm - "A business plan that has followed marketing trends and is set to be a part of the trillion dollar idustry."

Like all opportunities nothing guarantees wealth. Chances of a lifetime do exist - be open to opportunity when it comes and recognise that this could be the chance to change your life forever! is Copyright 2003, 60 minute money. All Rights Reserved.

About the author:
www.createmoneyathome.comis Copyright 2003, 60 minute money. All Rights Reserved.

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