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Listen to music online!
by: SilentOne

What a wonderful age this is. Today you can listen to music online from around the world. Music online is available from every country on the planet. You can listen right in your own home to real time news and music from anywhere, any language and any culture.

New technologies are emerging that make it easy to listen to music online. What is completely new is the handling of the Internet radio stations according to the so called Drag & Drop principle; the user selects the radio stations from a list with the mouse and enables them by dragging and dropping them to the recording window. New is also the advanced adding procedure for more Internet radio stations. The way of creating and selecting your own favorites was also extended.

Switching the stations while listening until the new station can be heard was also reduced to some fractions of seconds only. Another new function is the selective saving function of favorite artists through improved filtering options. Instead of 19, Radiotracker now categorizes 8,000 radio stations to 77 music genres.

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