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Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Your Financial Security
by: Hannibal Whitestone
The decision to get married is a big one in anyone's life. Nowadays, it is common for people, men and women alike, to secure themselves a career and a stable financial background. No one wants to be poor, and everyone wants to provide for their family. This method of thinking is very positive, producing quality families that are self-reliant and responsible.

With the responsibility of marriage comes the forethought to the marriage. No, I'm not talking about rings and wedding receptions, I'm talking about financial security for both the parties involved. If you are one of these forward thinking people who are entering into marriage only after having secured a good career with a solid income and a secure financial portfolio, then you need to consider the other securities about marriage.

Think of marriage as being similar to a contract you sign with your employer. You sign this contract promising to provide certain services, different levels of employment and responsibility, things you can do, things you can't and won't do. This is common in the workplace to sign these types of contracts. Marriage should be entered into in much the same fashion, with forethought and planning about who is responsible for what and when, where, how and why. If you enter into the contract with x-amount of assets, you should be entitled to leave with the same number that you came with, plus half of whatever you and your spouse accumulated together.

This may sound like you are splitting hairs with your spouse and you're probably afraid that your spouse will think that you don't trust them. It's not about trust. It's about responsibility for yourself, your actions and protecting yourself from the actions of others. Likewise for your spouse, a prenuptial agreement will cover their assets as well as yours. Everyone wins, no one loses what isn't rightfully theirs and your marriage starts out with the boundaries set regarding these sticky financial issues.

The real truth is that your spouse will likely be happy that you brought up the idea of a prenuptial agreement; chances are they are thinking of the same thing. It's only fair to protect 'what's mine is mine', especially when you have worked so hard to achieve these things.

As a fiscally responsible married couple, or couple about to be married, it's only fair that you are both upfront and honest with each other about your full intentions before you say I do. These discussions do, at some point, have to include finances. Who exactly is going to be responsible for the payments on the mortgage? Are they to be made equally? Who is going to front the money for the down-payment? If only one person is fronting the money to purchase a house, is that money considered a 'marital asset' or does that money essentially belong to the spouse who originally fronted the money? This is only a very slight glimpse at the questions you and your spouse should answer before the 'do you promise to honor and keep her…for richer or for poorer…until death do you part' question comes up.

Notice that "for richer or poorer" is mentioned in wedding vows. When the person performing your wedding ceremony asks this question, you and your spouse can both honestly answer "I do" if you have a prenuptial agreement, because you have already talked about the tough stuff. You can now sit back and enjoy your marriage to it's fullest without any of the worries that will have been washed away with your prenuptial agreement. Both of you can sleep easy, and live fully, by signing an agreed upon prenuptial agreement.

About the author:
Hannibal Whitestone makes it easy to find out if a prenuptial agreement makes sense for you. Visit https://www.prenuptial-agreement-info.comtoday and get the facts... because you're worth a lot more than you think.

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