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Cure Autism Now with a Silver Charm
by: Kaitlin Carruth
Purchasing a silver charm is just one of the ways that you can help support autism research. Autism is a brain disorder that affects one’s ability to communicate and associate with others normally. Symptoms are usually detected in the first three years of life. Autism affects about 1 out of every 166 people in the United States; however, there is currently very little information about autism. Cure Autism Now (CAN) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of autism research in order to find better treatments. If you are searching for a way to help, there are several different ways, including: purchasing one of the organization’s silver charm bracelets, participating in a WALK NOW event, becoming a corporate partner, starting your own fundraiser, or making a monetary donation.

Silver charm bracelets are now available through the CAN website to raise more money for autism research. Each silver charm bracelet comes with a silver charm heart. For an extra donation, you may also receive five additional silver charms with different designs (a boy, a girl, a cross, a peace sign, and a Star of David). This silver charm bracelet was designed by actress Rene Russo, an honorary board member of CAN. The charm bracelet is also available in gold along with other accessories that will help benefit CAN with your purchase.

In addition to the silver charm bracelet, one can support CAN by participating in a WALK NOW event. WALK NOW is a 5 K (just over 3 miles) walk to raise money and provide awareness for autism. At each WALK NOW event there is an information center where parents and others can learn more about autism and what the current research has found. There are also arts, crafts and other activities to keep the children entertained. There are several WALK NOW events every year in different locations to give a chance for everyone to participate.

Another way to help CAN is to become a corporate partner. CAN is always looking for corporate sponsorship. Some of CAN’s current corporate partners include Johnson and Johnson, RBC Mortgage, and MBNA America. If you have a company that would like to become a corporate partner, CAN would truly appreciate any help you can offer.

You can also help out CAN by creating your own fundraising event or campaign. This method takes a great deal of planning and organization, however, it is a way that you can let your imagination run wild. One of the more creative fundraising events for CAN was the “Express Your Love” Motorcycle Ride in Chicago. However, there are some guidelines and procedures from CAN that must be followed if you want to create your own charity event.

Lastly, if you would like to make a cash donation but are not interested in a silver charm bracelet, there are several other ways to make a monetary donation. You can do it online, by mail, or through United Way. You also have the option to donate appreciated stocks and mutual funds or you can even include CAN in your will. CAN will appreciate any way that you can possibly help them out financially so they can continue to provide quality autism research.

Purchasing a silver charm bracelet, participating in a WALK NOW event, becoming a corporate partner, creating your own fundraising event, making a donation are all ways that you can help support CAN in the goal to find suitable treatments for autism. With this research, there is hope for tens of thousands of people to find decent treatment or possibly even a cure for autism. CAN works to bring hope.

About the author:
Kaitlin Carruth is a client account specialist with– More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. For information on other silver charms, please visit

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