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Postcards: Effective marketing tool
by: Granny's Mettle
When you're having a hard time choosing which print media to use for your products and services, then think of postcards. Postcards are one of the marketing tools that can effectively deliver your message to your target clients.

So why postcards? Here are ten reasons to market with postcards:

10. They are affordable marketing strategies.

Postcards are among the most affordable marketing print strategies for products and services. They are most ideal especially for small and medium sized businesses. One client relates that it only cost her $6 per name per year in her mailing list when she chose to do her marketing campaign using postcards. And she happily went on and advertised for one year.

9. They don't advertise to your competitors.

Unlike advertisements in newspapers or magazines, competitors won't know your marketing unless you accidentally sent one to them. Best technique is to simply send your postcards to the names in your mailing list. That way, your competitor won't know about it till one of your recipients show and tell.

8. They make it easy to track results.

One client used her postcards to bring people and clients to her store. She made the postcards into a special discount card which made her clients go to her store and use it.

7. They are very versatile.

Just like actors in Hollywood, postcards are very versatile. With a single mailing, you can ask for business opportunities from prospective clients, and maintain repeat business from present customers. You could also use the postcards as oversized business cards, hangtags for your products, and even mini-information sheets to introduce your business to other clients.

6. They "brand" you and your business.

Start and stick with a postcard marketing campaign and you'll see that your business gets a reputation, if not notoriety.

5. They make testing an offer easy.

Simply send out your postcards to a small group of people and see how many of them respond. If you get a satisfactory response then do a bigger mailing list.

4. They don't waste people's time.

People don't need to open envelopes to read your postcards. Your message is simply there in the open.

3. They don't take up a lot of space.

Their size is small enough for your clients to put them in the pockets, or bags, or pocketbooks.

2. They are inexpensive to print.

"Four-up" cards are the most inexpensive way to design your postcards. Just create four cards on one 8 ˝ x 11" sheet of paper, print the design on card stock, then cut the sheet into four cards.

And the best reason for using postcards:

1. They are cheap to redeem.

Rewards and discounts made on the postcards are no cost to you, not unless your customers come out and redeem them.

About the author:

Granny's Mettle is a 30-something, professional web content writer. She has created various web content on a diverse range of topics, which includes digital printing topics, medical news, as well as legal issues. Her articles are composed of reviews, suggestions, tips and more for the printing and designing industry.

Her thoughts on writing: "Writing gives me pleasure… pleasure and excitement that you have created something to share with others. And with the wide world of the Internet, it gives me great satisfaction that my articles reach more people in the quickest time you could imagine."

On her spare time, she loves to stay at home, reading books on just about any topic she fancies, cooking a great meal, and taking care of her husband and kids.

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