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Traditional Legal Lead Generation Is Dead - Discover How To Increase Requests For Consultation And Retain More Clients
by: Tony Merlino
Professional legal marketers recently discovered that lawyers were consistently generating two types of client leads. One type of lead increased the number of actual clients and got favorable results and the other type was a complete waste of time.

Question Askers

This is a type of lead that is filled out by people who are window-shopping the legal community with varying degrees of interest and a vague understanding about what an attorney can do for them. They may not even grasp the importance of retaining a specialist in a particular area of law.

Educated, Motivated And Pre-Sold Prospects

This is a type of prospective client that has been carefully qualified, who has received a significant amount of information on the area of law and THEN completes a "Request For Consultation" form. These are educated and motivated clients.
When your firm can obtain these types of leads, the natural result is an increased client acquisition rate.

Some of the more successful legal marketers have developed proprietary Internet based tools that continue to generate the motivated and educated prospect.

There are three basic tools that have been identified and refined to generate real hot “highly targeted” prospects.


This is a keyword rich advertisement that is unlike the usual "generic" ads seen by the client. These ads address a specific legal problem, identified by the client, and generated by the keyword the client used while searching for a solution.

Once the problem has been identified, the client is delivered to a specific "landing page" with compelling information designed to deliver the exact information the client is seeking at the exact moment they need it.

The Landing Page Storyline

Most law firms that attempt to generate client leads on their own, publish a simple ad that delivers the prospect to the firms website with either too much "general information" or in many cases no useful specific information.

Wrong approach!

About the author:
Tony Merlino is the webmaster (Rainmaker)at,a legal information and marketing portal for lawyers and their clients in New Jersey.

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