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You Are What You Wear
by: Shelley Brown-Williams
When you step into a room, you get one free moment. In that moment colleagues and clients are making assumptions of who and what you are all about. If your visual integrity does not reflect your capabilities, it may take many further meetings to undo that first impression.

Call it impression management, style or good grooming, the business professional knows the power of a positive image. Savvy business style requires more than an expensive suit! Details from your shirt to your shoes, and your hairstyle to your accessories can reveal an approachable, professional harmony or compromise your credibility in the blink of an eye.

In today’s highly competitive market, your image is an investment. Whether corporate or business casual, suitable clothing enhances your personal silhouette, colouring and reflects your current business environment. Business casual does not mean weekend wear. Good quality separates can stretch your wardrobe and still polish your professional look.

William Thoroulby was the Marlboro man; he became one of America’s first male image consultants. His favourite phrase was “you are what to wear.” Something to seriously consider…

About the author:
Shelley Brown-Williams is a professional speaker, author and the founder of The Style File Image Consulting System Inc. Visit www.stylefilesystem.comor email for more information.

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