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Salt saves, salt kills.
by: Dr. Donald A. Miller
Salt is essential to health. This means sodium chloride and potassium chloride, with traces of other mineral salts.

If you sweat a lot at work or play, lack of salt can cause "heat stroke".

Salt can kill. Excess salt is probably the biggest dietary health risk factor after fats, in any country that uses a lot of prepared foods.

Avoid salty-fatty snack foods. Restrict the salt added to foods during cooking.

As a kid, I used to salt everything at meal time, often before even tasting. Now, any foods I prepare, I add no salt, outside of reduced salt versions of soy sauce. And I
am very sensitive to the taste of excess salt in bought meals, canned goods, and other prepared foods.

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

About the author:
Dr. Miller is author of ""Easy Health Diet""""Exercise for
Juniors to Seniors"" numerous free articles on health
Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.

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