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Cervical Cancer 101 what you need to know about
by: Mansi gupta
Cervical cancer affects the female body in the cervix region. The womb of a woman finds its opening through the cervix. Many a times the human papilloma virus causes the disease. It is transmitted sexual exchanges. The cervix being the most important organ of the reproductive system requires proper attention as far as cancer onset is concerned. Such a cancer affects the other organs of the cervix region and can cause damage to the reproductive organs. This makes the disease all the more fatal. Such a spread is commonly termed as metastasis.

Although human papilloma virus is the main cause of the disease but it is also diagnosed with women who are in a habit of smoking. The instances of lung and breast cancer associated with the cervical cancer are there. This shows that the susceptibility of women to have cancer is higher by the means of cervical cancer. The disease is indicated by the presences of warts on the area around cervix. But a regular medical check up is required because sometimes the warts may not even appear on the skin and the disease goes undetected.

The common symptoms of the disease are prolonged pains in the thoracic region. Sometimes the leg and the lower back start paining unbearably. Anemia is very frequently associated with cervical cancer. As a result of anemia the patient also experiences a weight loss and fatigue. The person also looses his normal appetite. The detection of this carcinoma by oneself is almost impossible. It is at the later stages only that, with the help of a doctor can one detect it.

The disease is very deadly as its detection is very difficult. Though the doctors can detect it by a simple pap smear but if the treatment is avoided for too long then it may cause a fatal results. The most important thing to note here is that the disease can spread to other parts of the body including the vagina and the other connective tissue. It spreads vigorously and the infection spreads very fast. The disease has the potential to damage the primary reproductive organs and jeopardize reproductive capacity of the woman.

A particular form of papilloma strain increases the vulnerability to disease. Also improper sexual behaviour and inadequate hygiene also caters to the onset of cervical cancer. A drug administered to prevent miscarriage (diethylstilbestrol), if given in great quantities also increases the susceptibility of the disease. The diagnosis of the disease is done by examining the vaginal fluid of the suspected patient and is checked for the strains of cancer.

Chemo-radiation is a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is an effective measure in treatment of cancer. The infected cells can also be surgically removed. But the woman has to make a tough decision regarding jeopardizing her fertility. Thus most women go for the usual medication. A simple approach to prevent the disease is to have clean habits and regular check ups. The disease can be prevented by such steps though it cannot be ruled out after these.

A healthy woman is the most important asset of a family and there fore a woman should keep her self clean and ready to prevent such disease.

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