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Why Is Small Business Health Insurance Worth It?
by: Jeff Schuman
If youíre looking for a guide to how to get health insurance and
what kind of health insurance is best for your small business,
then this is the article for you. Your business qualifies for
small business health insurance if you have anywhere between two
and fifty employees in it. If you are self employed then youíll
want to look into getting self employed health insurance.

There are many benefits to getting small business health
insurance. A small business health insurance plan will help
spread the financial risk around to everyone and not just
yourself. As this is the case, this generally will bring lower
premiums and more extensive coverage. Along with this, the
health insurance provides medical care for you and all other
employees as well.

With a small business health insurance people often get group
insurance. This too has its advantages on several different
aspects. All contributions from the employers are 100% tax
deductible, and youíll save on payroll taxes as well. Small
businesses will be eligible for group insurance just as long as
you have two or more full time employees working.

When setting up a group insurance plan for your small business,
all members will be set up with a coverage plan with rates
calculated using the group and individuals. After that it is up
to the separate employees themselves if they wish to add riders
and additional coverage to satisfy their needs. Keep in mind
that not all employees in the small business have to join the
group plan. Just as long as there is no fewer then two
employees in the business that have the group insurance plan,
then you will be fine.

The cost of the group insurance plan varies based on several
different characteristics. Some of these include age, health
status, business and/or residential location and so on. Like
everything in this world itís not going to be cheap, but it will
be cheaper then having a bunch of separate health insurance

Most health plans are going to require employees to pay at least
half of the premium cost for covered employees. Some employees
will offer to pay 100% of the cost, white now there is a new
health plan giving employees the option to pay as little as 25%
of the cost. Just know that typically most types of coverage
will cost employees a minimum of $1,600-$2,500 per year per
employee. By clicking on the link below you can begin getting
quotes for your small business health insurance.

Just remember that many times medical services are needed
unexpectedly. If you or other employees do not have health
insurance this could be a devastating blow to the wallet. The
cost of a hospital visit, depending on the circumstance, will
many times be much higher then the cost of health insurance.
You want to be able to live life knowing that youíre insured
just in case the unexpected happens. Nothing hurts to at least
look at some quotes and talk it over with other employees, but
you have the power to make the decision.

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