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Web Host Review - To Prevent Web Host Shut Down
by: Alexander Marlin
This article is based on a true experience that took place with my web host. I am not here to blame or try to give my web host a bad name, I am here to give an honest web host review, that makes sense to you before choosing a web host provider that is right for your business.

All web host are created equal in my eyes, that is, or that used to be, until I got shut down without warning. It was very hard for me to understand how I could start a new website from scratch and eat up 40 Gigs of bandwidth in that short span of time (3 months, and I was shut down).

You should do a web host review, before you make a choice. The problem online today is, how can you make a sound web host review with all the thousands out there.

It is impossible to review the thousands of web host out there, but it is in your best interest if you base your web host review on high in demand providers. Many of the top marketers have their own server, and you can't afford to pay $200 or more monthly for your own server.

For you to prevent web host shut down, you will have to learn how to use the forums to find recommendation for choosing your web hosting provider. I didn't do my own research and that is why my web host shut me down without notice.

After being shut down, I went to two of my favorite forums and read a couple of post regarding my hosting company, and realized that no one had any great experiences with that company. They gave poor web host review grades for that host, well life is a learning process, and I know what not to do when choosing a web hosting provider.

Here are four tips you should follow to get a web host review:

1) Don't ever go for unlimited domain names.

One other point worth mentioning, don't ever go for unlimited domain names, whenever you create a new account they automatically divide up your hosting bandwidth. That means that if you have just 40 Gigs of bandwidth and you divide it up by four domain names, you have used up all your bandwidth.

So, any other new domain name you add will make you exceed your bandwidth, please understand I am just showing you the rip offs that takes place with some low cost web hosting providers. They say that they will warn you when your exceeding your bandwidth, but they just never do. They make you pay extra for unlimited domain names, but you being new to the Internet, you won't ever need more than three to six domain names to get you started.

2) Don't go with any web hosting provider that requires the full amount up front.

They offer low cost web hosting if you pay the yearly price up front. Well, once you have paid for the year, you are tied to this company, should their service be not worthy, you will loose your initial yearly payment. Go with a company that has a 3 month or monthly payment plan, with a money back guarantee.

3) Test by sending a simple email to your web host first.

Just send off a simple email telling your web host that your interested in their hosting, this is a must for you to review web host that are unknown. The response time to your email will let you know what type of service they offer.

4) Ask for a charge back.

As you know, the client is supposed to be king, keep all your receipts in place, and should you ever be shut down by your web host after paying a yearly plan, just go to your credit card provider and file a complaint for a refund. Don't let anyone scam you out of your money.

The final conclusion, your the one to blame if you get scammed, so make sure you follow my web host review tips before handing out your credit card.

About the author:
Alexander Marlin, Ebenezer St. Maarten A.N.

Has been actively marketing on the Internet for over 3 years,

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