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VoIP vs. Analog
by: Michael Plante
Many people today prefer VoIP to Analog phones. Analog or traditional phones are losing the battle against VoIP when it comes to cost effectiveness, standards, quality, and ease of use. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and VoIP is the technology that transmits voice as packet files over the Internet. This is known as the Packet Switching Network. Standard Analog phones use the Circuit Switching Network and the entire landline Analog telephone system is referred to as the Public Switched Telephone Network.

The main difference between Packet Switching and Circuit Switching, is that Packet Switching uses (data) or Packets and sends them over the Internet while Circuit Switching is accomplished by using electrical circuits to make a telephone connection. Circuit Switching is like the old switchboard operators, wearing headsets frantically trying to connect the right caller with the receiver. Packet Switching is used to transfer data all across the Internet- it is used for E-mail.

Many people are choosing VoIP over Analog because of the many benefits that it offers.
The calling features that usually come with your Analog service for a fee are often included for free with your VoIP service. These include features such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Block, Three-Way- Calling, Voice Mail, * 69 and more. Another benefit to VoIP services include the fact that many providers will let you keep your existing phone number, or allow you to select a new area code. Selecting a new area code has great appeal to many people. For instance, a customer can select an area code for the same town where most of his friends or family live. By choosing this area code, not only is he still getting a great deal with his VoIP services, but also now his family and friends will save money whenever they call. For them, it will be a local and not a long distance call.

VoIP is also preferred by many businesses as their method of telecommunications.
Businesses prefer the flexibility, freedom, and cost effectiveness offered by VoIP as compared to Analog service providers. Businesses today depend upon telecommunications. Whether it is Internet, E-mail, Customer Service through telephone, online web applications, and E-mail, or whatever your IT business needs may be, VoIP offers to handle all of your needs with one application. Additionally, this reduces cost and increases productivity. VoIP also has combined with software applications that are perfect for many business needs. Software such as accounting programs, Email, and PC based applications help to save money by combining services.
The reduction in long distance charges is another great advantage for switching to VoIP for business needs. By combining data, video, and audio needs, companies save on bandwidth usage, which ultimately leads to financial savings.

Businesses are also opting for VoIP in their Call Centers. VoIP is slowly becoming the standard choice for Call Centers. VoIP offers some major benefits for Call Centers such as flexibility, cost efficiency, and enhanced customer service applications. For instance, in the past, a Call Center needed to be a stabilized facility equipped with many phone lines used by people who would physically be located in the Call Center. By using VoIP for your Call Center, not only is your main location easily relocated as your business expands, but you can hire employees virtually world wide. Larger companies take advantage of VoIP Call Centers by outsourcing work overseas where they can hire employees for less. The Integration of data, audio, and web-based features is another reason why businesses are opting for VoIP. Customer service calls are handled more efficiently with the integration of these three components. Not only are calls transferred more proficiently, but also greater care can be given to customers when Call Centers use integrated software platforms.

More Call Centers are taking advantage of the opportunity to hire employees world wide through VoIP services. Employees may work in different time zones, giving greater customer service benefits year round, and hiring home based employees is another way businesses are choosing to save money. VoIP provides solutions for businesses that Analog just simply does not address.

Most people prefer VoIP over Analog, and the future points to the fact that VoIP will only increase in popularity.

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