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Top Business Leaders Reveal the Secrets of Success
by: Jillian Gregory
Out of the bevy of reality television shows today, no TV show affects the business minds and goals of entrepreneurs everywhere more than “The Apprentice”. The show stars Donald Trump, the famous, wealthy real estate and business icon that has become a household name. Donald Trump has been in business for several decades and knows the secrets to becoming a highly successful businessman.

In the past, public indications of his success were mainly found on buildings in New York City such as Trump Towers. He has been a major player in New York City and in the business world for the past few decades. However, the general public didn’t always have intimate access to his world like they do now through “The Apprentice” television show. On the show he interviews several candidates for a highly coveted position in his company. The candidates work on various tasks over several weeks. They rely on their education and experience to help them succeed.

The candidates and any business professional would benefit from learning the secrets of Donald Trump’s success. You might not have the opportunity to be on the show, but you can listen your way to success instead. Invest in your future by listening to Trump: How to Get Rich by Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump provides valuable insights on how to become a champion in business and reap financial rewards previously unimaginable. He covers a wide range of topics from investing to hiring the best employees.

Donald Trump is not the only business guru dispensing advice and anecdotes about his personal success. Steve Jobs revitalized Apple and returned it to dominance among technology companies. Jack Welch brought General Electric to new levels of success through innovative and unique business methods. Experience their business journeys by listening to The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman and Jack: Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch.

Interested in a business success story rifled with scandal? Listening to The Rockefellers by Peter Collier will suit your fancy. The Rockefeller family created a dynasty that built a mountain of wealth, but also evoked family of problems. Learn the affects of success that were both beneficial and detrimental to the Rockefellers.

Want to hear about other entrepreneurs? Check out the Venture Voice Podcast by Gregory Galant or the InfoTalk podcast from Take an inside look at how to start a business, where technology is headed and other entrepreneurial issues.

Pop in these audio books on your car drive or train commute to work. Listen while you are working on paperwork at home or exercising in the gym. Take the time to become business savvy and learn from the pros. You’ll be glad you did as your bank account swells and your business takes off.

About the author:
Jillian Gregory writes for, an online portal for educational and self-development audio and video material which can be found at https://www.learnoutloud.comFor the HTML version of this article complete with links to the titles that were mentioned, please visit

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