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MLM Success Training - 3 Quick & Easy Steps To Grow Your MLM Profits
by: Richard Knight
Copyright 2005 Richard Knight

There are literally TONS of ways you can boost your residual income and your MLM Profits. But the following 3 steps I’ve enclosed are the Quickest and Easiest ways to boost your residual MLM check month after month, even if you’re a complete MLM Newbie.

Step 1 – Don’t Sell, Sort.

To maximize your MLM profits as well as your time, energy and your sanity, you always want to “Sort” rather than sell.

Remember, not everyone is “Wired” to be a successful home business owner. Thus, your job is to simply weed these “Tire Kickers” and “Looky Lous” out of your list ASAP, because once you do that, what you have left is worth it’s weight in Gold. A list of highly qualified prospects who are willing, able and “Wired” to change their lives by running a successful home based business, not just some curious on looker who filled out a form.

Step 2 – Build DEEP First.

Most Network Marketers has been misguided and taught to try to recruit the world before they even think about building their downline deep.

The secret to a “stable” and growing residual income each month is in the depth of your downline, that’s it! So instead of trying to recruit everyone on your list and moving on to yet another “expensive” lead list, focus on sponsoring 2 – 4 new distributors and start building deep from there. It’s not hard either, just focus on putting people “under” those you’ve personally enrolled. It’s very simple, just start off with your new distributors warm market contacts and branch out from there.

Just remember, the focus here is to build DEEP first.

Step 3 - Find Customers AND Distributors

When we first join an MLM business opportunity, most of us somewhere along the line were brainwashed into thinking all you have to do is keep bringing in new distributors and you’re business will sky rocket. Wrong!

The livelihood and longevity of any business especially an MLM business is through “lifelong” customers. So if you’re only going out to look for new distributors, you’re business WON’T have a solid foundation of regular customers who use and consume your product on a monthly basis. You’re basically leaving half of your business sitting on the table if you build your business this way.

Building distribution channels of new distributors AND customers is what makes MLM so lucrative. You can easily double or even triple your MLM profits by finding new customers as well as new distributors for your business.

The above 3 steps are NOT the only steps you can take if you want to increase your MLM profits. But they are by far the Quickest and Easiest and Fastest steps you can take to boost your residual income right away.

About the author:
This article has been written by Richard Knight, founder of 45 Second Prospecting. Richard offers a free newsletter filled with Fresh Tips, Tricks and Simple Strategies that’ll boost your residual income and your MLM profits even if you’ve thought about throwing in the towel – Sign up for his FREE newsletter today. . .

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