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Mark Anastasi Interview
by: Damien Senn
Mark Anastasi is a walking, talking, self improvement dynamo and his entrepreneurial journey has been a fascinating one.

He is the kind of guy that is only too willing to share his knowledge and experience for the benefit of those around him.

He shares much of this experience through his financial freedom seminars. He also has a separate company that promotes other personal development speakers called Inspired Events...

The Interview

DS: What inspired you to set up the Life Quest Partnership?

MA: All the good I have in my life I owe to the considerable investment I have made in my 'personal development', through books, CDs, DVDs, and seminars I have attended.
The LifeQuest Partnership, Inspired Events, or The Online Marketing Group are ways for me to share these tools, strategies, and insights that have made such a difference in my life.

DS: Did you have any help setting up the company or were you going it alone?

MA: I have always set up my companies on my own, though I have been blessed in having attracted extraordinary and invaluable mentors, as well as staff of the highest calibre.
At the end of the day, your success as an entrepreneur will depend on your TEAM.

DS: What was the biggest challenge you faced in bringing your idea to fruition? How was it overcome?

MA: Lack of adequate funding in the initial stages was frustrating, though we pulled through in the end without the need of external investors.

DS: What makes you most proud about your achievements with the Life Quest Partnership?

MA: Hearing the testimonials of our Success Partners or of attendees of our events fills me with joy every time, and also, I am proud and grateful for the amazing people that selflessly devote their time to this business.

DS: How did you actually fund your business to get it off the ground?

MA: I funded all my businesses - at least initially - from the sale of my ebooks on the Internet. I am currently looking for 250,000 in capital, from investors, to take The LifeQuest Partnership to the next level, in view of a stockmarket floatation in 2008.

DS: What attributes make a successful entrepreneur?

MA: Passion, Drive, Vision, Total Self-Belief, Courage, a desire to help people & solve problems, great people skills, and a solid grounding in Marketing.

DS: What do you believe are the necessary elements for a business venture to succeed?

MA: Marketing, marketing, and then more marketing. Spend 90% of your time on the marketing. Other than that, making sure there truly IS a market for your product or service in the first place.

DS: How essential do you see a University education in achieving success as an entrepreneur?

MA: Not at all. Zilch. Nada. Niet. Nuh-huh. If you are at Uni at the moment... leave.

DS: What are the three most important lessons you have learned about business and entrepreneurship?


(1) The Entrepreneur's Golden Question: "How Can I Serve/Help More People?"
Business and entrepreneurship is about adding value to people's lives.

(2) Absolute integrity is a MUST.

(3) Having a grand vision is great, but you still must take care of the details!

DS: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

MA: Start.

DS: What's the number one book you would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs?

MA: Study Robert Kiyosaki's "Choose To Be Rich" (CD), Michael Gerber's "The e-Myth Revisited", and Richard Parkes Cordock's "The Millionaire MBA" (CD)

DS: What memorable mistakes, if any, have you made in business? What did you learn from them and how can they be avoided?

MA: Not keeping an eye on cash flow was definitely a mistake I learned the hard way!
Good book-keeping & accountants... vital.

"In order to Think Big... you've got to 'Think Small'" - Robert Kiyosaki

DS: What are the best and worst things about being an entrepreneur?


The Best: Freedom. Creativity. Self-Expression. Unlimited Wealth Potential.

The Worst: You carry the awesome responsibility of being accountable for the livelihood of other people. The buck stops with YOU.

DS: Are there any other thoughts, insights, or advice for aspiring entrepreneurs that you'd like to add?

MA: We live in the age of the entrepreneur. It is much safer than being at the mercy of an employer! There is nothing to fear. You can never fail - only LEARN. Being an entrepreneur is synonymous to being ALIVE! Just Do It!

Money Is Nothing But The Measure Of The Value You Create For Other People, and you go about adding value to people's lives BY BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR!"At the end of your life, you won't wish you'd spent more time at the office..."

About the author:
Damien Senn helps entrepreneurs create compelling businesses. He is one of the UK's top Business Coaches as well as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

Damien is the author of the 'Senn-Sational Success Journal' and has developed his own coaching model called the 'Senn-Sational Success System'.

For your FREE download '101 things to do before you die' please click the following link:

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