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How to Educate your Prospects
by: Abe Cherian
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How to Educate your Prospects
By Abe Cherian
Copyright ? 2005

There's a saying about business that goes, "You're too
close to your business and services to see them the same
way others do."

You might assume your clients know more than they actually
do. You don't want to assume they will remember things. You
live for your business. You live and breathe it within your
industry. Your prospects don't. They have their own lives.
You know every detail about your products and services.
They don't. You want to educate them instead of just
advertising your business through conventional means.

One of the great ways to do this is through a newsletter.
It takes time for them to learn about your products and
services. You may see them just once a year and although
you may do a great job educating them, they're still not
going to remember you a year from now. Just because your
product and service is your life doesn't mean it's theirs.

If you don't have an on going product or service program in
place, you should begin one immediately. This will keep
your company at the top of your client's mind.

What kind of valuable information can you provide? Quite a
bit. Show them extra ways, tips and techniques to use your
products and services. If you constantly educate them over
and over again, then they're going to feel more connected
with you.

Your goal should be to get all of your customers to explain
your products and services then you'd really be doing a
great job. Believe me, your bank account will reflect this.

Always Give Them Something. you can mention this in your
newsletter. You never want to leave a prospect or client
without giving them something. You don't want to leave them
empty handed.

You don't want them to walk out of your store or leave your
web site without taking something with them. You don't want
to leave a customer or prospect's house without' leaving
them with something. You don't want to leave a meeting with
a prospect without giving them something.

It can be something you sell, a small token, or create
something specifically for this reason. You can create a
special report. This might be an after service or after
purchase report that shows them how to get the most
benefits out of your product or service.

A certificate for a complimentary maintenance, tune-up,
telephone conversation or something to enhance the initial
purchase. a free gift such as a pen, paper weight, calendar
or discount coupons fqr another purchase.

You don't want to use this just for prospects, but also for
customer clients. If they buy from you, they should receive
something from this list also or everything off the list.
Everybody likes to get a free gift. Everyone who does
business with you or inquires about business with you
should always receive something extra. If you constantly
follow this strategy and not leave them empty handed, you
will get a lot more business.

About the author:
Abe Cherian's online automation system has helped
thousands of marketers online build, manage and grow
their business. Learn how it can benefit you too.

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