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How To Create Your Vision with a Capital V
by: Joanne Victoria
This article is based on a radio interview with Romanus Wolter
on Entrepreneur Radio, September 9, 2005,

How to Create Your Vision with a Capital V

1. Why is it that some business owners persevere after
several disappointments while others, maybe even
the listeners, give up?

A: It is through the power of vision. Your vision can be an
inspiring, energizing idea that you can use to excite others.
You need a vision to be more effective, more desirable and
more attractive to your clients and customers.

2. What is the value of a business vision?

A: Everything you do, the people you speak with, the clients
you attract are all a result of your vision. The right vision
for your business will help you be more satisfied with your
business and generate more abundance and wealth. With
a true business vision, all your decisions are easily made
because all your decisions are in alignment with your vision.

3. How do you know if your current vision is good enough
for your business?

A: It is not so much about your vision being good enough,
it is about having a vision that is clearly visionary. I
recently interviewed several entrepreneurs, independent
professionals and business owners. I concluded that what
they thought was their business vision was actually outcomes
or results they provided for their clients. These outcomes,
while great, were goals, not in any way visionary. To
reinvent your current vision to a Vision with a Capital V,
it needs to be mind-blowing phenomenal. If it can be put
into words and pictures, it can be achieved

4. I already have business goals.
Why do I need a business vision?

A: Goals are specific, measurable realistic outcomes or
results, usually completed by a specific date. Tasks or
assignments support the completion of the goals. Goals,
in turn, support your mission and vision statements. Goals,
mission statements and vision are usually
aligned with your values.

A goal example is as follows: ABC Company will release
two new computer programs in the United States by end
of the year 2005.This supports the Business Vision example
of: US-Based ABC Company is the only software provider
to global nations.

5. How can a business vision increase my income?

A: A Vision with a Capital V will not only increase your
income, you will also get better clients and customers.
Clarity about who you are and what you do is supported
by your vision. The more you focus on what your clients
want and need, the easier it will be for them to see and
understand your contributions. Opportunities abound when
you have a clear vision. The larger your vision, the easier
it is to attract more money.

6. What is the first step we can take to make your vision
a reality?

A: First, eliminate any individual or challenge standing in
your way, real or perceived. Then find a quiet space, have
a tape recorder or journal handy as well as an hour of free
time. Answer the following questions with as much detail
as possible: (there are moreŠI will provide you with four)

1. What does your business look like? Does it provide all
the resources you require?
2. Is your life rewarding? How?
3. Where are you living? Be as specific as possible.
4. Are you living the life of your dreams?
What does it look like?

7. What strategies can I use to help keep my vision alive?

A: It can be easy to lose momentum, to give up part of your
dream. We all need support and tools to inspire us on a daily
basis. In my latest book, I have a chapter entitled Seven
Strategies to Keep your Vision Alive. The list includes:
Values, Meditation, and Inner and Outer Vision Teams. Many
entrepreneurs think they can do it all alone, that no one can
keep up with them. It's possible, but you will use up all your
skills, strength and talent. The Outer Vision Team is where
the real world action takes place. Many results come from
the real world. Your Outer Vision team must first have a
Mentor, someone who will hold the dream for you. Second,
everyone on your team must have values that are in alignment
with your values. Third, keep the team small. You can have as
few as three others to make your vision a reality.

8. What else can I do to keep my Vision with a Capital alive?

A: Continue to see yourself as the best in your field. See
yourself as the best coach, consultant, real estate broker or
publicist. Redefine your website to reflect your new vision.
See yourself surrounded by inspirational geniuses, all
waiting for what you hve to say. Know that dreams never die,
but that dreams require action. You have a responsibility to
create an action plan. If you follow al the instructions in my
book, your vision will become a reality.

As you can see, it takes the power of Vision
With a Capital V to help create the business of your dreams.
If you want to expand your business and expand your life,
follow these eight steps to experience the life of your dreams.

About the author:
Joanne Victoria, 25-year Vision and Business Coach helps
entrepreneurs and solo professionals build successful
lives and businesses by helping them tell their truth.
Author of 3 Books including: Lighting Your Path! How
To Create the Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V
- Create the Business of Your Dreams. Joanne offers
FREE help through her 2 monthly ezines, Lighting Your
Path! -Discover Your Inner Truth at:
and Create the Business of your Dreams at:

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