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How to add a value towards your Business Perspective
by: Abe Cherian
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How to add a value towards your Business Perspective
By Abe Cherian
Copyright ? 2005

Marketing is conducted for the masses, but the customers
come in one at a time. When you spend your money, you need
to get value for your investment and you need to get an
asset. That asset will be an asset or client that you can
turn into a long term business value.

One of the worst mistakes 99% of the businesses make is
letting prospects and clients come and go with no thought
as to how valuable they really are and how valuable they
are to the future security of your business. Before you can
get this answer you must find the value of your customer.

Every customer is going to buy. How many times throughout
the year? How long? If you don't figure out these numbers
you really aren't in business because you don't have a
valuable asset. Your business lacks value. It might have
cash flow and you might have some money, but it's mostly
short term.

You need to continually think of what you can do for your
customers. If there's any greed in you, it should be on
your customer's behalf. You want to try to reverse the
greed for your customers.

What benefits and advantages can you pile onto your product
or service to make them irresistible?

Take out a piece of paper and write down the words, "I can
offer my customers" and also write down, "I can offer my
customers more or less of what? I can offer my customers
better what? I can offer my customers stronger what? I can
offer my customers lower or higher what?" Any other thing
that you can think of to offer your customers.

Then match your current skills and capabilities with all
these extra benefits and features that you've listed and
determine what cost you might have to offer these services.
List the additional features and benefits, the additional
cost, and describe the components of that cost. Such items
like product cost, shipping cost, fulfillment cost,
personnel, inventory, and storage. These are all considered
when you do an exercise like this.

If you're a service type business, offer the additional
cost as measured in terms of the extra time it takes to
provide the additional feature or benefit. The proper way
to think of this extra time is similar to the way we
characterize time spent working for someone else 8 hours a
day, 5 days a week versus the time spent learning how to
create wealth in your business.

If you slow down a bit, you can work smarter rather than
harder by learning to make your money work as hard for you
as you work for it or making your product or service work
harder for you than you work for it. You can achieve much
more for less work.

Similarly, you can spend less time in a service business
taking on more and more clients if you simply treat
existing ones differently. Treat them all as VIP's and
they'll build your business for you. You'll provide that
extra time and service to do what you should for public
relations with your customers.

Remember that marketing may be conducted for the masses,
but your customers are only going to focus in one at a
time. They always think of themselves as special
individuals and you should too, even though you're
marketing to the entire market.

About the author:
Abe Cherian is the founder of Multiple Stream Media,
a company that helps online businesses find new
leads and more customers without spending a fortune.

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