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Give the Gift of Gas!
by: Sheryl Strasser
Gasoline prices are at and all-time high, and this fact has created an outstanding opportunity for motivating employees and thanking customers, by presenting them with official Gas Rebate Coupons.

What are Gas Rebate Coupons? They are the perfect solution to letting your employees and customers save money at the gas pump. Available in either $40 or $100 value-pack denominations, these gas rebate coupons are worth real cash when filled out and sent in for processing. It's almost like giving your employees or customers a discount every time they buy gas.

Here's how gas rebate coupons work:

Whether you choose the $40 rebate pack, or the $100 one, the process is the same. Your employee or customer buys at least $10.01 worth of gas from any gas station that they choose. Then, they send the gas rebate coupons in to the processing company along with the gasoline receipt. They receive a check back for $10. Sweet! And it's that easy. The $40 pack has four $10 gasoline rebate incentive coupons, and the $100 pack has ten.

But don't think that you have to pay $40 or $100 to give these motivating incentives out!

That's not the case at all. In fact, these gas rebate incentive coupons are sold for pennies on the dollar. The companies that provide them realize that consumers often buy additional items like oil, cigarettes, soft drinks, food, beer, and other products while they are at the gas station, and that's where the real profit is. It's their hope that these gas rebate coupons will stimulate people to buy gas and then come inside to spend more money.

That's why you can get these employee incentive coupons and customer thank you gifts for so little money. But there IS one catch...

You've been waiting for the catch, haven't you? Here it is:

Just like anything else, there are people who run scams when it comes to employee incentive and customer thank you gift programs like the gas rebate coupons, so you have to be careful. Make sure that you purchase from an authorized reseller who has REAL contact information on their web site. Never buy incentive program coupons from a company that doesn't list a real address and telephone number. A site with no contact information should be a serious red flag.

Gas rebate coupons are part of the Travel Incentive industry where organizations can buy incentive coupons for travel, hotels, gas rebate coupons, etc., to motivate their employees, increase sales response from new customers, and thank existing customers for their continued loyalty.

Incentive coupons are inexpensive and they are proven to work. Try a test campaign and watch your employee productivity or sales explode.

About the author:
Sheryl Strasser makes it easy to learn how to generate sales. She has created "10 Ways to Boost Your Sales and Build Your Business!" free report. To learn more about this simple program visit

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