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Top Ten Reasons To Create A One Page Business Plan
by: Maria Marsala
1. Choose opportunities more wisely and waste less time
because I have my plan in place (P 6)

2. A single page can contain all the elements you need to
tell your employees, board of directors, potential partners
or banker where you are taking your business and how you are
going to get there. (P 17)

3. The most important reason to have a business plan is to
clarify your thinking, regardless of the size of your
company (P 18)

4. It facilitates creating and analytical thinking, problem
solving, communication, and teamwork. (P 18)

5. It creates hope and enthusiasm about the future. (P 18)

6. It also brings out procrastination, frustration,
differences of opinions and possibly anger. (P 18)

7. Somehow writing initiates the transformation from idea
to reality. (P 21)

8. The written word produces a contract with yourself that
results in immediate action. (P 21)

9. Writing allows others to participate in your dream and
give you feedback (P 21)

10. Because your coach, consultant, business builder
strategist, friend, relative tells you that one of the
top reasons businesses fail is a lack of planning! That's why!

Quotes 1-9 are from the One Page Business Plan Book, by Jim
Horan. For more information on the One Page Business Plan,

About the author:

Elevating Your Business helps you reduce the time it takes to accomplish your business goals. Since 1998, Maria Marsala has worked more than 1000 women (and men) who own service business to increase their profits, save time, and live rich, fulfilling lives. Visit www.ElevatingYourBusiness.comto request your 2 business reports and join our business building newsletter or forum.

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