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Variety...even children need it
by: Jennifer LB Leese

Books and children should go hand in hand. There are just about as many different books as there are different children. Variety is what everyone needseven children! Here are a few fabulously written electronic children's books from authors who are sure to become favorites in your household.

FLY & I by Bonnie Covel and published by is a book that teaches children about reputations, trust, friendship, kinship, and the importance of honesty through the sport of basketball. It is full of positive messages, and fun characters. Another creative book that teaches children an important lesson is IN A PARROT'S SHOES by Mindy Wilson, published by SynergEBooks. It is a story that any child or adult can relate to. The main character does not like being like everyone else she likes being unique. When a friend from class starts to mimic (parrot) everything she does, she seeks advice from her mother. Soon the little girl opens her heart and mind and she soon begins to appreciate her friend's differences.

If your child likes to hear folktales, then STONE SOUP by Alistair Scott is the book you need. Published by, this adorably illustrated and well-written storybook for children will delight its readers. The main character is Tyler, a starving tramp (homeless man). Using his wits, he tries to trick Farmer Skinflint, a mean old man who never gives anything to anyone, into giving him food for his stone soup!

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY BUILDS TRUST by Karen Sue Wiesner, published by Writers-Exchange EPublishing is a book aimed to provide parents with a simple and fun method of teaching their child about trust. The mascot is a raccoon named Reb he talks directly to the reader, giving them instructions on how to use the book, and adds a cool, up-to-date style to an instructive book. Planted within the book are sections that allow children to learn more about responsibility, and trust.

Do you read books to your children mainly at bedtime? Then THE EIGHTEEN STORY GINGERBREAD HOUSE by Jay Dubya ( would make a wonderful book to read them, as it is a collection of eighteen exceptional stories in a wide range of subjects. Some involve magic, others include human-like animals, and some are just plain 'ole fun. These stories are diverse, entertaining, intriguing, and out of this world. They include culture, daily-life experiences, history and much more. I CAN GROW by Mrs. Mouse, published by Writers-Exchange EPublishing, makes for a fast read. It is a charming story about a little rock determined to grow and change into something spectacular just like the flowers, rain, leaves, worms, and grass around him. Written for children, this adorable book is perfect for anyone who enjoys dreams and life.

Remember, just because some books are electronic (e-book) books, doesnt mean they arent fantastic! Open up an electronic book today and get to know some talented new authors.

Off the Top of my Headtalented childrens authors to check out:

Charles Vald (

Liam Maher (

Judy Miller (

Janean Nusz (

Jennifer LB Leese is a 34-year-old mother of three from Maryland. She is a published author of several childrens fiction books, one young adult fantasy book, and a paranormal romance novel. Leese also freelances children's non-fiction books for book distribution and packaging companies.

She reviews childrens books for several online magazines, including her own It's Only Ink! Children's Book Reviews, as well as for Fiction Forum, Preschool Entertainment, Gotta Write Network, The Best Reviews, and Midwest Book Review. Jennifer is also a freelance copyeditor for Writers Exchange E-Publishing, as well as for individual authors and publishers. Leeses experience comes from the above as well as from her published books and articles, and from her professional book reviews and columns.

As half of JV Harlee, Leese writes gothic, fantasy novels for teenagers with published author Valerie Hardin. Their first book is "Gargoyle Tears".

Leese lives in Maryland with her three children, Nicholas, Cameron, and Jordan. She volunteers regularly at her children's school where she heads the Bester Elementary PTA as Vice President. Married fourteen years to the love of her life, Jennifer knew she would marry Thom the moment she laid eyes on him.


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