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Taking A Stand Can Be Scary
by: Lisa M. Hendey
Taking a Stand Can Be Scary
Book Review –Lenny Loses His Lunch by Dan Taylor and Damon J. Taylor
Reviewed by Lisa M. Hendey

“If all of your friends were going to jump off a cliff (or insert your own preferred outrageously dangerous behavior here), would you follow them?”

What parent hasn’t used this line at least once, or had it used on them? We all know about the perils of peer pressure and want to guard our children against them. We also recognize that this can be one of parenting’s most difficult challenges.

In their new book, Lenny Loses His Lunch (Kregel Kidzone, May 2005, hardcover, 32 pages) authors Dan Taylor and Damon J. Taylor give parents of children ages five and up a fun way to discuss the importance of taking a stand when faced with negative peer pressure. This newest tale in the “God Can Use Me” series is a fun retelling of the biblical account of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Lenny is a lion, but not a very brave one. He tends to be a follower, choosing to participate in the activities the other lions pursue, even though they go against his own tastes and conscience. All too often, he crumbles under the peer pressure of the other lions and makes the wrong choice.

Daniel, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to take a stand. His bravery and constant obedience to God land him in a tough spot. He has to rely on his trust in God’s plan to see him through a very dangerous test of his faith. He stands firm in his faith, and teaches Lenny an important lesson – taking a stand for what you believe in, although scary sometimes, is always the right thing to do.

Lenny Loses His Lunch, although a fun fictional take on the Daniel stories, conveys the important biblical principles at hand. A wonderful tool for opening early discussions on peer pressure issues, the book features cute sideline dialogue as a bonus to Damon Taylor’s bold and eye-catching illustrations. The book’s emphasis on following God in our lives choices is an important message to share with children of any age.

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Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader. Visit her at

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Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and, and an avid reader. Visit her at


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