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One Man One Mission
by: Amy Crawford
One Man One Mission
Amy Crawford

Michael Werner did it again. It’s as if he can’t get enough. Just when we thought he was in for the night, he turns around and starts over. So, what has Werner so enticed? The former co-founder of Info Source Inc., the twice-named Inc 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the US, has created his newest venture, DreamJobsToGo.Com. The ebook series keeps Werner close to both his publishing and technology roots, while fulfilling his desire to help others create a life worth living. “I’m about as pumped as anything I’ve ever been, and I’ve been in the publishing industry for over 25 years” says Werner. “I believe people do want to buy relevant and timely information, if it’s packaged nicely and offered at a fair price, over the Web.” The company has already experienced exponential increases since opening its cyber doors. The Dream Jobs series was launched in April 2001, with 10 titles under its belt. Plans are to have 57 released by the end of the summer. offers everything from how to break in as a freelance writer and making it as a private investigator to becoming an interior landscaper or a computer game designer. “Best of all,” says Dana Cassell, Series Editor, “We’ve attracted strictly been-there-done-that authors for each and every book, so the reader gets real, practical, experience-based information.”

Eldon Sarte, the company’s CTO, adds, “Because each title offers so many interactive links and web resources, we had to make the information available instantly – downloading the guide right into a PC in minutes.”

When asked what the company’s biggest hurdle has been, Werner responded, “The misconceptions people have to what an ebook actually is - many think it is a hand-held device.” In response to that consensus, Werner will offer a free guide on the site, so visitors can test the product format before purchasing. “Customers will view the freebie as a deciding factor for purchasing, I view it as closing the deal.” Werner anticipates that the link elements, subject content, and expert advice each book contains will solidify the sale.

An informal poll running on the site indicates that 75% of the world population is working in a field they don’t like, a percentage that appalls Werner. “That’s why I’m doing this.”

Ultimately, the company must be doing something right. It seems they have what people want. Last month’s best selling dream was “How to Get Free Books (and Maybe Even Get Paid) as a Book Reviewer.” Who knew? You did, Werner, you did.

About the Author

Amy Crawford is a writer who specializes in career and employment topics. She runs the free Dream Job Mentors discussion group at


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