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A Good Book Cover Design is Key!
by: Laura Hickey

Marketing your Book cover, Spine and Information.

Whether you've written your book or are just starting out, having an eye catching cover is a must. Did you know that customers may be looking over your book for 10 seconds or less? A good book cover entices the customer to want to read more information and to result in a purchase. To accomplish this, you need to know what catches a customers eyes. A good place to start is your friends and family. Ones that you trust. Ask their opinions. If you're uncomfortable with asking your inner circle or would like your book's cover to be a surprise, look to the net. You can post your book's cover idea and receive feedback. Only post your idea on the net if you trust it won't be stolen. When deciding to create my book cover for Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids, I looked at many other ones in the children's field. I kept in mind which book covers attracted me and for the ones that didn't, why it didn't. Keep in mind that not everyone is going to agree with your taste.

The same applies to your back cover information about your book. If the book is fiction, you'll need to ensure the customer that their entertainment dollars are worth purchasing your book. If your book is non-fiction, show the customer the benefits of purchasing. Can it help solve a problem? Many customers want to know that they are buying something that in some form can benefit them. You'll also need to show how your book is better than then next one in it's category.

Don't forget the spine and price. If your book is spine out, it'll need to attract the customer's eyes. When they pull out your book, the price can turn a purchase away. Look at other books in the field and price accordingly. Much lower prices than your competition may appear to sell more but may give the idea that your work isn't as good.

Self publishing, Small Press or a Large Publishing company, either way your book is competing against others out there. Make it count!

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