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Free E-Book Marketing: Destroying The Myths
by: Chayden A. Bates
Before you read this, understand right now: Free E-Book
Marketing WORKS! It has been proven to be one of the
*most powerful* forms of online marketing ever offered. But
with the knowledge of its existence, and nothing but a
notion of the idea, many who have attempted to utilize its
power have failed. Why? The lack of understanding!

Free E-Book Marketing has been in use for over SIX YEARS.
Successfully utilized by many "high-class" marketers. These
few have been actively creating and promoting Free
E-Books since the ability was provided.

Then, about the three-fourths of the way through 1999,
the news broke of this powerful "new" marketing form and
everyone and their brother were trying to "cash-in" on the
opportunities they were hearing about.

Buying up the e-publishing software stock, many
misunderstanding marketers began creating and compiling
everything they could get their hands on.

Throwing these so called worth while Free E-Books into the
world of the Web, they were actually doing more harm than
good. Little did ( or do ) they realize the necessary steps
that need to be taken in order to ensure their success ...
that of quality, unique and beneficial content.

Let me ask you, "How many Free E-Books have you
downloaded due to its sizzling title, only to find nothing but
an over used report with a million and one banner ads
flashing in your face?"

Too many to count?

There in lies the problem. How many "bad" Free E-Books
does it take before you stop downloading Free E-Books all
together? Do you know what that does, not only for the
author of the Free E-Book, but other, successful Free
E-Book Marketers?

Too say the least, its not good.

So what DOES make a good Free E-Book? What makes a
Free E-Book successful in the sense that it does what it is
meant to do? It's rather simple, and if you're at all
interested in this "old" form of marketing, than here are the
TWO MOST IMPORTANT aspects you need to realize:


Your E-Book must be focused. It should only present a
single offer to its readers. It should not stray or attempt to
teach everything about anything. It should be centered
around one solid idea: To present your ( business )
knowledge as to establish yourself as an expert in your
field. To show and help the reader realize that you are a
credible source of information.

After reading your Free E-Book, your reader should have a
firm grasp of the concepts you present. They should be
able to follow through and succeed with the resources you
provide. This will help the passing of your Free E-Book as
well as strengthen your chances for future dealings with its
readers. ( This is what makes you money, not the banner
ads. )


Your E-Book must be educational. If you decide to utilize
Free E-Book Marketing, than understand this: Your Free
E-Book is to be created to generate leads. How do you
generate leads? You educate your prospects about what
you have to offer. You show them the hows, whats and
whys of how your offer works and will work to benefit them
to act upon.

You must teach the reader all that you successfully can
about what the contents of your Free E-Book will do for
them. Before they will hand you their money to enhance
their lives, they need to know WHY what you're offering will
work for them.

By demonstrating, thus educating through the use of your
Free E-Book, your reader will naturally gravitate towards
you for "further" information, where in you may charge for
admission, thus making you your profits.

Free E-Book Marketing is simply a matter of understanding
how the marketing and psychological strategies of it work.
Understanding the above is *by far* the most important
aspects of Free E-Book Marketing you need to realize.

If what I have just shown you is not followed, you will only
work to hurt yourself. People want quality, informative
content ... and you want their money. By giving them what
they want, then suggesting they come to you for more,
you will work to help each other.

Free E-Book Marketing WORKS! But ONLY if you use it right.

About the Author

Chayden is the author of the highly acclaimed NEW E-Book,
"E-Book Marketing Explained!" and is currently teaching
other online marketers how to maximize their online
promotional efforts with the use of Free E-Book Marketing -
the most "viral" online advantage you've got!. Visit his site
for full details:


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