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A Perfect Mothers Day Gift: Publish Your Mom's Story As An E
by: Wayne Perkins

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift: Publish Mom's Story As An E-book

Mothers have always have been giving their lives unselfishly for their families. In the past few decades many have had to juggle careers, familes and households. Mothers do not receive the income or accolades of major sports figures and nobody is writing about Mothers and their positive contributions.

With new technological advances over the years in e-book publishing, it is now possible to publish an e-book about your Mom and present it for the world to see.
It will cost you a little time but it won't cost you money. This gift is what your Mother really wants. What is an E-book?

An e-book is simply a digital file or collection of files that, when put together and published, tells a story.

Four major advantages of publishing this way are:

1. An e-book can be 5 pages long or 500 pages long. There is no longer a need to conform to requirements of book wholesalers and distributors.

2. The author can add sound, photographs and even video to the e-book.

3. An e-book is always a work in progress. The author can add, delete, and change the story in a matter of minutes. Your Mother's story can grow in size over the years.

4. E-books are easily distributed to relatives across the country and those living in other countries. Here are 5 simple steps to help you make this Mothers Day, her very best. 1. Create your e-book just like you would create any document. You do not need any special formatting.

2. Save your e-book as in Microsoft word as a doc. File...text file...and/or html file

3. Set up an account with They will host your file and give you a free website page to include your description, reviews, pricing and any other information.
If you want to offer your Mother's story for free designate a "Price" of 0.00
Or you can set a price for it and earn some money. Infopost will take credit card payments for your sales if you wish nd give you an 80 percent royalty on each sale is located at:

4. Follow the directions on listing your e-book, including the description, sample chapter (if you have a large e-book) and then up-load your e-book to Make sure you include your author name and book title under "keywords" when prompted. Once you fill in the online forms that ask you for pricing and description information, you can post a similar book or hit the browse button on the Infopost page to find and upload your e-book file from your hard disk.

You will then be issued an URL or Internet address of your Mother's story description page.

5. Copy and paste the URL of your e-book description page to your e-mail signature and register the URL with all of you friends and relatives. You can even register you description with major search engines.

Search Engine Listings

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Learn how to "Write & Sell Your First E-books" with a free teleseminar at:

E-book Publishing Resources: --------------------------------------------------

E-book sellers to sign up with if you have no website.

Congratulations! You are now an official E-book author. Your Mother will be proud!


Wayne Perkins is the best selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books and offers free teleseminars at:


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