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Exercise Smarter Not Harder - 10 ways to make consistent pro
by: Greg Ryan Fitness Expert
My name is Greg Ryan. I am a fitness expert, professional bodybuilder personal, trainer to movie stars, and former employee of Kathy Smith. For twenty years I have been able to keep my body fat levels lower than most, and consistently exercise five days a week, and having fun in the mean time. Not because I am anything special, but because I have learned a few tricks along the way, that I would like to share with you. Start incorporating them into your plan today and notice the difference tomorrow.

1.Set a time limit on all your workouts. End the workout if you run over. 2.Exercise larger muscle groups before the smaller ones. I.e... Back, Legs and Chest before shoulders and arms. 3.Change your workout plan up every twelve to fourteen weeks. 4.Treat your time in the gym as if it is your most important time of the day. 5.Make the workouts at the beginning of the week harder than those toward the end of the week. 6.Take at least one day off a week from doing any form of exercising. 7.Change your cardiovascular equipment up each time you exercise. 8.Monitor your heart rate all the time. 9.Go over your workout in your head before you start. 10.Efficiency is more important than length. Have a number of reps in your head before each time you do a set.

These are just a few things I have learned over the years. Do not be afraid to try different things. Listen to your body and never be afraid to ask for help.

About the Author

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE Start getting in better shape today! For FREE MINI COURES click here


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